It’s always a good day when a customer leaves one of our branches feeling “Appreciative.” “Grateful.” And even better, “Happy.”

And INB’s branch staff says customers are happy when they leave with a new debit card in hand in 10 minutes or less.

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How We’re Doing It

INB is offering instant debit card replacement because of our focus on making banking easy. Cayla Keyes, VP, retail sales manager, says when we learned about and tested on-demand card technology, we quickly saw the value.  “Last year, we were sending customers to three Springfield branches that had devices, making it inconvenient for some people. It became apparent that having the equipment in each branch would make getting a new card super easy for all of our customers,” she says.

What You Need to Know

We can issue a new card in 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to let us know in advance that you’ll be in, send a note through the INB app or chat tool inside of digital banking. Or you can email using the form on our website or call 877-771-2316. Or just stop in. You do not need to make an appointment.

Cayla adds: “Replacement cards are printed within two minutes. If you need an entirely new card number and depending on whether or not you call ahead, there could be an additional five minutes to get the new card on the system prior to printing it. So that could take up to ten minutes total from start to finish.”

When you come to the branch for a new card or to pick up a new card, you will need valid identification. “As you might appreciate, we want to make sure we’re only giving cards to account owners,” Cayla says.

The replacement card fee is $10.

Your card will be activated when you get it.  You can change your PIN in the INB app or at any INB ATM. 

If you can’t get to a branch, we can still mail a new card to you.  “We have customers that live all over the U.S.,” says Cayla, “We can still mail a card the traditional way. You will need to activate it when you receive it.”  

Why We Took This Step

It’s customer response to instant-issue debit cards that guided us to installing the equipment at each branch.  We love the stories we’re already hearing. 

Dee Pedersen, branch manager on Dirksen Parkway writes: “We had a customer who had lost their debit card over a weekend and was in a panic that they were leaving on vacation later that Monday afternoon.  We let them know they could stop by one of our branches with a photo ID, and they could walk out the door with it in hand.  The customer was so very happy and could enjoy their vacation.”

Lacey Sorrill, Wabash branch manager trainee says: “Customers are so appreciative . . . we had someone getting ready to board a flight in a couple hours and another leaving for a trip the next morning. Then there have been others who simply have lost their debit cards. Customers are in utter awe and thankful that we can help them access their money and give them piece of mind . . . Being able to stop in and pick up a new debit card, HOT OFF THE PRESS, is a revelation! “

Fairmount Branch Manager Heather McArty found she was able to help a customer who had fraudulent charges on her card. “We ended up closing her compromised card.  She was concerned that she’d be left without a convenient payment method as she was leaving for vacation the very next day and assumed that she’d have to wait for the new card to arrive in the mail. We explained that we were now able to immediately issue cards onsite. She was thrilled and so appreciative! 

The INB Customer Care team is also getting calls about the instant-issue service. VP, Client Services Steve Miller says, “A few weeks ago, a customer called in and their card was not working properly. They were going to be leaving on vacation and was concerned that if it was mailed, they would not receive in time. I told them that we now offer the option of being able to stop in a branch, and pick up a card on the same day. The customer was very happy, and said that is why they bank with INB, ‘You guys always make it easy.’”

One Saturday morning, Steve’s team heard from a customer who could not find his card. “He drove a truck for a living, and used his debit card exclusively, and asked if there was any way to get him a card asap. I explained the process, and asked which branch he wanted to go to, and told him it would be waiting for him. He was very pleased that we could do this for him, and that we made it so simple.” 

Steve also notes, “This option is invaluable when a customer has their world turned upside down due to fraudulent activity.  There have been numerous customers who, because we could get a card back in their hands the same day, haven’t missed a beat in terms of completing daily activities.”