Better Cash Flow, Increased Productivity 

Gain better control of your cash flow while increasing staff productivity.

INB can work with you to extend your payment terms to boost cash flow and minimize checks, which are costly and increase risk of fraud. We’ll also ensure your payment types are working to your full advantage. 

Read more about INB’s solutions for your payables below.

 ACH Services

Our ACH Services offer an efficient way to process debits or credits electronically through Digital Business Banking, our online account portal.

Added benefits of ACH Services:

  • Reduced Expenses: Reduce expenses associated with issuing and accepting paper checks.
  • Effective Budgeting: Automate collections and disbursements allowing companies to know when funds will be collected and how much to expect.
  • Convenience: Once initial set up forms have been completed, no additional paperwork is required. 

 Account Reconciliation

With INB’s comprehensive Account Reconciliation services, you can streamline your reconciling process using our user-friendly products designed to grow with your company…and help your company grow.

INB offers three types of Account Reconciliation:

  • Full Reconcilement. We match paid checks to your issued check register information and provide detailed reporting, including checks paid and checks outstanding.
  • Partial Reconcilement. We provide detailed information on all checks paid on your company’s account, including check numbers, paid dates, and dollar amounts sorted by check number.
  • Deposit Reconcilement. We provide a detailed listing of deposits by store or location.

 Positive Pay and *Payee Positive Pay

The most effective way to protect your company against check fraud is with Positive Pay. This service provides convenience, protection, and peace of mind.

Positive Pay works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Issued Check Entry. Upload your issued check file – including check number, dollar amount, and payee name – via our online banking portal, Digital Business Banking. Or manually enter one off checks.
  2. Automatic Comparison. The system automatically compares the account number, check number, and dollar amount (and payee name if using Payee Positive Pay).
  3. Decision making. Any items that are not a match appear as an exception and can be approved or denied during your review and decision making process.

*Payee Positive Pay: For an additional layer of protection use Payee Positive Pay which also matches the payee field. 

  Wire Transfer

Quickly and conveniently transfer funds worldwide with our Wire Transfer services. Use our online account portal, Digital Business Banking, to safely and efficiently request and approve wires while saving yourself a trip to the bank.

 INB Business Debit Card

For customer service or to report a lost or stolen card, call 1-800-221-5920. eZBusiness User Guide

Make payments on the go with INB’s Business Debit Cards.

Added benefits of the INB Business Debit Card:

  • Direct Payments: INB’s Business Debit Card allows you to pay business expenses directly from your checking account.  
  • User Limits: Establish spending limits per user and provide debit cards to employees who are not signers on your account to keep your business running efficiently with the necessary checks and balances.

Commercial Visa® Credit Card

Optimize your business spend by consolidating vendor payments and everyday business expenses onto an INB Commercial Visa® Card.

Added benefit of the INB Commercial Visa® Card:

  • Simplified Financial Management: Simplified management by offering the flexibility of procurement, travel and entertainment, and fleet management (or a combination of the three) on a single platform.
  • Limits: Set purchase and transactions limits for your company, departments, or individual employee. Limits may be set to restrict use to specific types of merchants or to establish spending limits for specific time frames.
  • Usage Controls: You can segment employee card use into categories applicable to reporting structures and authorize spending categories for each employee.
  • Flexible Billing: Choose the most convenient way to receive card transaction details by opting for Corporate Bill or Individual Bill.
  • Fraud Monitoring: 24-7 fraud monitoring service. Representatives will communicate via text, email or phone call to validate transactions.
  • Secure Web Access: You can access your account online to review or download transaction data, produce reports and monitor your business expenses, all through a secure, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use web browser interface.
  • Complete & Manage Expense Reports Online: Employees can create expense reports and attach scanned receipts, which are routed through your designated approval workflow.
  • Easy Account Creation: Create new accounts and order cards online. Receive new cards within 7 to 10 business days from submission, or request expedited delivery if a rush is required.
  • Local decisions ensure quick and efficient application approval. INB provides all servicing needs.

Virtual Cards Help Fight Fraud:

With virtual cards, a unique card number is generated in digital format that is associated with your business card account. Virtual cards provide increased fraud protection because they can be single use or specific to one merchant.


  • Immediate account creation - You create virtual cards in eZBusiness. The card number, expiration date and CVV number are immediately available.
  • Better management of employee spending - You can control where payments are made, reducing the risk of misuse.
  • Flexibility - A card number can be used once or multiple times.

Use Virtual Cards to:

  • Make a single payment to a merchant who you are not comfortable giving physical card information to.
  • Easily track recurring payment to a merchant because they have a unique card number.
  • Allow employees who don’t need a card make an in-person purchase. Just add the card to their Digital Wallet.
  • Make online or over the phone purchases.
  • Create a virtual card for immediate use if your card is ever lost or compromised.