At INB, we’re committed to your business for the long run. Our Trust Department offers the expertise and knowledge your company needs to help you plan and administer retirement plan services.

We will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s philosophy and needs, and then we will structure a program to meet those specific needs to benefit both your business and your employees. We offer guidance in all areas of retirement planning, from consulting with your business to designing your plan to managing your retirement plan investments.

Retirement Consulting

With INB’s experienced staff, we will guide you through the decision-making process and help you align your plan with the business objectives of your company. INB can help you understand how IRS rules may impact your business.

Through INB’s Retirement Consulting, we will give you flexible management options, help you understand and control retirement plan risk, and show you benefit plan scenarios.

Communication and Education

Your employees must first be able to understand the retirement package you offer before recognizing its value and investing for their retirement. In addition to structuring a beneficial retirement plan for your company, INB’s staff will also communicate the details of your plan to your employees in an effective manner. We are available to educate your employees and answer questions about all aspects of your retirement plan.

Retirement Investment and Administration

INB provides comprehensive investment and administrative support through fund selection and monitoring, servicing participants, and offering flexible payment solutions through our plan providers.

For more information about Corporate Trust Services at INB, call 217-747-5500 or 877-771-2316.