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INB, formerly Illinois National Bank, has helped hundreds of people buy homes in the Bloomington area since the bank opened a loan office there in December 2012.

This tremendous mortgage growth, combined with a strong base of local business customers, helped INB reach its goal of opening a full service bank in 2017, two years earlier than originally planned.

INB chose to build its Bloomington branch at the corner of East Washington and Prospect roads because of the location’s visibility. Also, the building had been a bank, so drive-up lanes were already in place. The space was really worn down, so we ripped the space inside to the bricks on the exterior walls. We redid the parking lot; replaced the fascia. Basically, we resurrected an old space.

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INB's Bloomington Team





Owning a home can be the accomplishment of a lifetime. But getting a mortgage loan can bring on a lot of questions and stress. That’s where Grace Nichols comes in. She can answer all your questions and help relieve the financial stress with a simple conversation.

To begin, she will help you with a prequalification letter. This is important! She counsels homebuyers to take this step BEFORE beginning a home search. You need to know what you can afford to spend before you go to your first open house. Realtors are interested in talking to serious buyers, and serious buyers have pre-qualification letters from their mortgage lender.

If your financial situation makes it difficult for you to get a mortgage loan, Grace will provide advice on how to improve your financial situation so that you can eventually qualify. Then when you’re ready to buy, she will be there.

Want to take the first step and find out what you can afford to spend on a new home?

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Personal Banking

Through our Bloomington location, INB is able to offer all the traditional banking services you’ve come to rely on from a bank. But we add a twist by providing top-notch digital services with a personal touch. We are also committed to make all banking as easy as possible. We offer:

If you have questions about our products or services, call Andi Whalen at 309-808-2704. 


INB's Treasury Services and Commercial Lending teams can handle the needs of companies big and small. We also provide these services to municipalities throughout Central Illinois. To discuss how we might be able to help your organization or business save money, connect with a treasury specialist or Chris Thoennes.