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When Cash is King, a Debit Card Gets the Crown

Credit cards have their place, but if you want to be accountable for your spending, cash truly is king. And because electronic payments are sometimes the only way to make a purchase, a debit card is as good as cash because it assures real-time payments that are instantly reflected in your checking account balance.

Stay Accountable for Your Spending:  Real-time, cash payments with your debit card help you only spend what you have. It’s easier to make impulse purchases with a credit card because you have time to pay it back. By only making payments with cash or through your debit card, you’re able to see if you can truly afford a purchase or not. 

Think about it: You probably look at your checking account on your INB app more than you look at the transactions on your credit card. When you do look at your account, you’re going to see what’s coming out of your account right away. This real-time information can keep you from making bad financial choices.

Faster Payment = Better Budgeting:  When all your payments come from one place – your checking account – it’s much easier to keep track of what you’re spending.  Debit cards help do this because you can immediately see if you’re sticking to your budget.

No Interest Charges:  Credit card companies charge interest when you can’t pay a monthly bill in full. With debit cards, you’re using your own money from your own account without incurring interest charges. 

Security and Protection of VISA: While cash is king, it’s not wise to walk around with wads of it in your purse or pocket.  When you use your INB debit card, you have zero liability guaranteed through Visa's Zero Liability Policy. You won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your account or account information. You're protected if your Visa debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline. Not to mention the ability to turn your card off with the click of a button inside the INB app!  

 With INB’s debit card services, you can access your bank accounts anytime at any MoneyPass ATM nationwide or anywhere Visa® is accepted.


For Help

Instant Issue

If you need a new debit card quickly, stop by any INB branch. We can issue a new card in 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to let us know in advance that you’ll be in, send a note through the INB app or chat tool inside of digital banking. Or you can email using the form on our website or call 877-771-2316. Or just stop in. You do not need to make an appointment.

  • Replacement cards are printed within two minutes. If you need an entirely new card number and depending on whether or not you call ahead, there could be an additional five minutes to get the new card on the system prior to printing it. 
  • When you come to the branch for a new card or to pick up a new card, you will need valid identification. 
  • The replacement card fee is $10.
  • Your card will be activated when you get it.  You can change your PIN in the INB app or at any INB ATM. 

ATM Access

INB debit card customers are never far from an ATM thanks to the MoneyPass network. MoneyPass’s 40,000 plus ATMs are easy to find at or by using the MoneyPass app.

Wherever you live, work or travel, the MoneyPass ATM network gives you more convenient choices for accessing your accounts – and all for free! Just look for the MoneyPass logo on an ATM and use your INB debit card. 

Set Up Mobile Payments

When you want to make quick payments or carry around less stuff, there’s nothing like using your phone to make mobile payments which will process on your debit card. Here's how.

Get Alerts When Your Card is Used

To assure you’re the only one using your debit card, get a text or email alert every time your card is used. You can also get an alert if your card is declined. Then if it’s NOT you using the card, let us know so we can stop additional transactions right away. Here's how. 

Contactless Debit Card

How to use a contactless debit card.