With INB’s debit card services, you can access your bank accounts anytime at any of our ATMs located throughout central Illinois or anywhere Visa® is accepted.

For Help

Add an INB debit card to any existing checking account to get:

  • the conveniences found with the Visa brand.
  • the ability to easily turn your card on and off from our digital platforms.
  • the savings and protection offered through BaZing.
  • 24-hour-a-day, free access to your money through our ATM network with over 37,000 ATMs nationwide.

Add a debit card to your checking account by calling us at 217-747-5500 or by logging into your digital account and clicking on Messages>Submit a Form>Debit Card Request.

Most INB customers now have contactless debit cards. 

You can manage your card through digital banking, giving you the power to turn your card off and on during certain hours of the day, change your PIN number anytime you want, or let us know when you’re traveling. 

Change Debit Card PIN

It's wise to routinely change your debit card PIN. To do this, choose “Manage Cards” from the main menu. You’ll then see a number of options including “Security>Change PIN.” Tap this section and follow the prompts. 

Get Alerts When Your Card is Used

To assure you’re the only one using your debit card, get a text or email alert every time your card is used. You can also get an alert if your card is declined. Then if it’s NOT you using the card, let us know so we can stop additional transactions right away. Here's how. 

Set Up Mobile Payments

Use your INB debit or credit card from your smartphone! Here's how.

Access an ATM

INB debit card customers are never far from an ATM thanks to the MoneyPass network. MoneyPass’s 37,000 plus ATMs are easy to find at moneypass.com or by using the MoneyPass app.

Wherever you live, work or travel, the MoneyPass ATM network gives you more convenient choices for accessing your accounts – and all for free! Just look for the MoneyPass logo on an ATM and use your INB debit card. 

You Can Manage Your Card Limit

Most INB debit cards have a daily limit of $3,000. We set limits to protect you in the event your card is compromised.

But maybe you’d like to use your card to pay for a big auto repair or to upgrade your appliances. You can! You simply increase your limit for a short period of time using your INB digital account. Here’s how:

How to do it:

  • To increase your limit, sign into your digital bank. Select “Manage Cards” from the main menu.
  • In “My Cards,” choose the card you’d like to increase the limit on. Then choose “Request Temporary Spending Limit Increase.”
  • You’ll then see a message asking you to confirm this option. Hit “Confirm” at the bottom of your screen.

What Next?

You’ll then have 30 minutes to spend at the new, temporary level. The level will be the lesser of $10,000 or your current balance. After 30 minutes, your spending limit will revert back to the lower level.