Looking for an easy and automatic way to save?

How about saving a little each time you use your debit card?  INB Pocket Change can make that happen for checking account customers.  Simply enroll and designate your personal account.  Round up each debit card purchase up to $9 in your register.  We’ll take those “cents” and move the funds into your savings account at the end of each day.  It’s simple.  Over time, watch your pennies grow and your savings balance increase.

Sign up for Pocket Change today inside of your digital banking account or contact an INB banker at 217-747-5500.

Pocket Change Match Offer

Sign up for Pocket Change with your INB checking and a You Name It Savings Account, and we’ll match your Pocket Change transfers, up to $100 for the first 90 days!

We will round up your INB VISA debit card purchases based on your enrollment choice and transfer the difference from your checking account to your “You Name It” Savings Account. We will match 100% of your Pocket Change transfers for the first 90 days of enrollment, up to $100.00. Matching funds will be paid at the end of the 90 day period on accounts that remain open and enrolled. The annual percentage yield on the “You Name It” Savings Account is 0.10% as of 3.18.20. Rates may change at any time. We may cancel or modify the Pocket Change service or any matching promotional offers at any time without prior notice. Matching funds will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099.