INB offers both personal and commercial loans. Personal loans include home, auto and construction loans. Mortgage customers can also take advantage of our home equity and second mortgage programs. While community businesses look to us for business loans, we also help the farming community through agriculture loans.  Learn more about our loan programs using the links below. 

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Why you may receive loan solicitations after applying for a loan

We often hear from customers who say they’re confused by calls, paper mailings and email from other lenders and insurers after they look into an INB loan. Here’s why you’re getting those calls and how you can stop them.

As with most lenders, when you apply for a loan with INB, we request your credit report and credit score from the major credit bureaus.

Once this happens, all three national credit bureaus identify you as someone in the market for new credit. For example, if you apply for a mortgage, this may indicate that you’re shopping for a home loan. Other lenders then purchase this “event triggered” information from the credit bureaus and try to contact you quickly in an attempt to win your business.

To learn more about these offers and how to opt out of the credit bureaus’ lists, visit the Federal Trade Commissions’ website.

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