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INB provides personal and commercial banking products and services.

Headquartered in Springfield, IL, INB opened with one straight-forward expectation: to bring community back into banking. That meant knowing our customers and being involved in our communities. It meant caring and showing we care by using our resources to help the people we live and work with.

Put into action, that meant using local dollars to fund local projects. The funding meant giving the community needed resources to grow businesses and equipping families with tools to save and spend throughout the cycles of life.

That was 1999, and those founding principles continue to guide INB today. As a result of an unwavering focus, we've grown from two branches with $24.7 million in assets to 13 branches and three loan production offices with over $1.5 billion in assets. INB is a true story of success built on the premise that caring can serve as a powerful business advantage.

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Owning a home can be the accomplishment of a lifetime. But getting a mortgage loan can bring on a lot of questions and stress. That’s where INB mortgage lenders can be invaluable. They can answer all your questions and help relieve the financial stress with a simple conversation.

To begin, our lenders will help you with a prequalification letter. This is important! We counsel homebuyers to take this step BEFORE beginning a home search. You need to know what you can afford to spend before you go to your first open house. Realtors are interested in talking to serious buyers, and serious buyers have pre-qualification letters from their mortgage lender.

If your financial situation makes it difficult for you to get a mortgage loan, we also provide advice on how to improve your financial situation so that you can eventually qualify. Then when you’re ready to buy, we will be here.

To talk to one of our mortgage lenders, visit our "Meet our Team" page for contact information.

Want to take the first step and find out what you can afford to spend on a new home?

Apply Now for a Prequalification Letter.

Personal Banking

Through our Bloomington location, INB is able to offer all the traditional banking services you’ve come to rely on from a bank. But we add a twist by providing top-notch digital services with a personal touch. We are also committed to make all banking as easy as possible. We offer:

To talk to one of our branch leaders, visit our "Meet Our Team" page.

Business Banking

INB's Treasury Services and Commercial Lending teams can handle the needs of companies big and small. We also provide these services to municipalities throughout Central Illinois. 

To meet with one of our commercial lenders or treasury management specialists, visit our "Meet Our Team" page.  

INB Wealth

The INB Wealth team works out of our Springfield, Montvale locationThe team can provide you with services and products that can help you achieve long-term financial goals for your family, business or both.

At INB, we offer comprehensive wealth management services to guide you as you plan for the future:

Business Consulting

Estate Planning

Health Savings Accounts

Life Insurance

Non-Banking Investments

Retirement Planning

Tax Preparation