Access Receivables Sooner; Increase Efficiencies

Provide your customers with flexible payment options AND receive payments sooner. Two big wins. Add in more efficient processing, and INB receivable solutions could be just what you need.

INB merchant services products are saving big and small businesses money. Let Brenda Tuttle, SVP, Business Solutions, Merchant Program Manager, explain how our merchant services can simplify your business and possibly save you money. Contact Brenda at 217-747-8769 to schedule your appointment.

  Lockbox Services

INB’s Lockbox Service can provide your company with faster processing and improved cash flow. Lockbox is customized to capture your company’s specific remittance data. The data captured corresponds to payment information that we transmit to your company electronically or place on a secure FTP website for you to access. INB can also perform credit card authorizations and settlement, providing alternative forms of payment to your customers.

Added benefits of Lockbox Services:

Payments Research. Access check or coupon information, online images, generate reports, and perform inquiries on received payments.

Exceptions Research. Review and correct exceptions. INB will then add the completed exception transaction to the rest of that day’s payment processing.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Research. Speed up collection practices by viewing NSF checks online. Edit return items to re-clear a second time or accept it as a first-time return.

  Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is tailored to your specific needs and can be done from the convenience of your office 24/7, giving you faster access to the money your business has worked so hard to earn.

Added benefits of RDC:

Online Access. Access your RDC portal through your Digital Business Banking account.

Search. Search and view 24 months’ worth of deposit slips and deposited check images.

Timing. 5:15 pm cutoff for same day deposits.

Users. Add multiple users with differing rights.

  ACH Services

Our ACH Services offer an efficient way to process debits or credits electronically through Digital Business Banking, our online account portal.

Added benefits of ACH Services:

Reduced Expenses. Reduce expenses associated with issuing and accepting paper checks.

Effective Budgeting. Automate collections and disbursements allowing companies to know when funds will be collected and how much to expect.

Convenience Once initial set up forms have been completed, no additional paperwork is required.

  Merchant Services

Together with Fiserv, we offer Merchant Services to help make your payment processing more efficient and profitable. Our quality and service, combined with our proven payment industry experience, uniquely positions us to meet the needs of your business now and in the future. 

Added benefits of Merchant Services:

  • Internet Solutions: Secure client data through an internet-based, real-time credit and check payment application payment application with industry-leading security standards.
  • Mobile Solutions: Turn your smartphone or tablet into a handheld device with all the payment process power needed through the EMV® mobile solution.
  • Clover® Point-of-Sale System: The Clover Station POS system is an all-in-one point of sale and payments system that gives you tools to help simplify running your business, so you can focus more on doing what you love. 
  • Bill Pay Solutions: Process one-time, future dated or recurring payments.
  • Gift Cards: Customize gift cards with your brand, track usage, and offer rewards.
  • Online Reporting Portal: Retrieve transaction detail and payment summaries.
  • Security Solutions: PCI support and enhanced security solutions to help protect your business.

  RMS - for healthcare providers

Healthcare billing systems may provide partial automation, but they do not address the remittance and reconciliation process. RMS offers best-in-class automation solutions that integrate with all major healthcare billing systems and commercial banking partners to maximize automation.

RMS for healthcare

Added benefits of RMS:

  • ERAs: Maximize the benefit of ERAs, including those provided by outside sources, by automating the payment reconciliation process.
  • Analytics: Utilize the interface for real-time tracking; you can also quickly configure and pull reports on health plans, patient payments, the payment mix, and other insights.
  • EOBs: Convert paper EOBs into postable electronic files (835s) to improve workflow efficiency and enable advanced research capabilities.
  • Patient Payments: Simplify and integrate patient payment data from multiple sources (including lockboxes, checks and credit cards) for faster research and automated posting.
  • Archive & Research: Consolidate existing and incoming remittance and reconciliation information with indexed fields for easy data retrieval.
  • Supplemental Services: Increase the speed and accuracy of claim submissions by using the advanced scrubbing tools to improve first-pass acceptance rates.