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The following chart provides auto loan rates.  Column one is a car's model year. Column two provides term options. Column three is the interest rate; column four provides APR rates.

Year Term Rate1 APR1
2021-2023 60 6.00% 6.104%
2021-2023 72 6.25% 6.308% (Only for $30,000 or greater)
2020 60 6.35% 6.455% 
2019 60 6.85% 6.956%
2018 60 6.85% 6.956% 
2017 48 6.85% 6.979%
2016 48 6.85%  6.979% 
 Older than 20151 36 6.85% 7.020%
  • Interest rates and annual percentage rates as of today.
  • 1 APR and interest rates are subject to change without notice. Rates listed assume excellent credit history. Your actual rate will be determined when you apply and will be based on many factors, including credit history, age and make of vehicle, amount financed and term.
  • Some fees may be assessed to obtain a loan with INB.

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