Banking Services Help Assure Fraud Won't Slow Your Business Down

You work hard to keep your business operating smoothly –- don’t let fraud slow you down. At INB, we offer solutions to help safeguard your accounts and keep your business up and running.

 Positive Pay & Reverse Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, your company sends a file of issued checks to INB.

  • As checks are presented, we automatically compare the account number, check number, and dollar amount to the issue file. If any of those components do not match exactly, the check becomes an exception item.
  • Your company is notified of exception items, can determine the authenticity of each exception item, and decide whether to pay or return the item.
  • For an added layer of protection, use Payee Positive Pay which also compares the payee field. This helps prevent chemically washed checks from clearing your account.

Reverse Positive Pay is an option for accounts with low check clearing volume.

  • An issue file does not need to be provided with Reverse Positive Pay.
  • An exception email is generated each time a check clears and the designated employees make a decision to pay or return.

 ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay protects your company against unauthorized ACH transactions.

  • With this solution, you determine authorized criteria standards for incoming ACHs - these can include maximum amount per transaction and/or maximum daily total.
  • Electronic transactions that do not meet your established criteria can be blocked and returned to the originator or posted to your account pending your review.
  • Another option is to block all ACH debits from posting to your account.

 Check Block

Don’t write checks? Simply put a block on your account and we will automatically block any checks from clearing your account. No monitoring - just protection.

Card Management

Not sure if your Business Visa® Debit Card was lost or stolen? Freeze the card while you retrace your steps. Our Digital Banking platform allows you the ability to turn off and on a debit card with a few clicks. This solution eliminates the downtown associated with reissuing a card that was simply misplaced.