Meet Our Team

Branch Managers

  • Debbie Shelton
    Debbie Shelton
    SVP, West Wabash Ave. and Montvale Branch Manager and Retail Customer Service Manager
  • Cayla Keyes
    Cayla Keyes
    VP, South Sixth Street and Downtown Drive Branch Manager
  • Heather McArty
    Heather McArty
    VP, Fairmount Branch Manager
  • Dee Pedersen
    Dee Pedersen
    VP, North Dirksen Branch Manager
  • Kelly Raison
    Kelly Raison
    VP, Chatham Branch Manager, Retail Operations and Process Improvement Manager
  • Donna Smith
    Donna Smith
    VP, Customer Relationship Officer
  • Pam Cain
    Pam Cain
    AVP, Peoria Branch Manager
  • Darcy Marr
    Darcy Marr
    AVP, Pleasant Plains Branch Manager
  • Andi Whalen
    Andi Whalen
    AVP, Bloomington and Champaign Branch Manager
  • Susan Fleming
    Susan Fleming
    Mt. Pulaski and Riverton Branch Manager

Meet Other INB Team Members: