At INB, formerly Illinois National Bank, we are more than personal loans and CD rates. We are more than savings bonds and current mortgage rates and digital banking.

Shiny penny on bed of old pennies

At INB, we are a community of people serving the communities around us. Based in Abe Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, IL, we make it a business practice to understand what our communities in central Illinois and St. Louis want and need. We learn about each of our markets and their goals, and then we work with local business leaders and individual community members to meet those goals. 

Being a community bank means local decision-making happens quickly and efficiently. It means that your banker knows your name and your commercial lender meets you for coffee. It means that our people invest back into the communities they live in year-round to make them better places to live and work. You'll find our staff chairing community boards, working at the local food bank, and helping the children of our community through organizations like the Boys and Girl Scouts. We also provide financial support to hundreds of organizations through event sponsorship. 

At INB, we are more than finances – more than a loan calculator or a credit card. Our goal is to assure our community is strong and that each of our customers lives a financially sound life. To do that, we offer mortgage loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, and even tax services and wealth planning. We even provide custom solutions to businesses and municipalities through our Treasury Services team. We're even home to the largest remittance center in downstate Illinois. 

We are stability, peace of mind, and commitment. 

At INB, we are a community.

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