Maximize your Liquidity

Maximize the efficiency of your short-term cash balances without increasing your workload.

At INB, we can help you boost your earnings and make sure those funds are available when you need them. We’ll also streamline your operations by conveniently consolidating all of your daily balances into a single master account.

Read more below about INB’s liquidity solutions.

 Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Maintain multiple accounts necessary to run your daily business operations and then consolidate all balances each night into one master account.

Added benefits of ZBA:

  • Invest or Fund Disbursements: Automatically consolidates funds into one account each night which can be used for investing or funding disbursements.
  • Save Time: Reduce the time spent initiating transfers between company accounts. 
  • Streamline: Streamline your monitoring procedures. 


Maximize your earnings while maintaining availability of funds.

INB offers the following types of Sweeps:

  • Insured Cash Sweep: Secure large deposits while maintaining access to funds and earning interest in either a demand deposit account or a money market deposit account.
  • Fidelity: Automatically invest excess cash each evening to maximize your earnings.
  • Line of Credit: Decide on a target account balance and leave the rest up to us. The sweep will kick in moving money to and from your account and line of credit to maintain the predetermined daily balance.