Need Help With Your Budget?

Are you confused about budgeting, how to set up a budget or why you even need to budget in the first place? A budget can change your financial future — because you’re telling your money where to go instead of letting your life be run by late payments or debt.

INB makes budgeting easy. Our financial experts at INB can help you get out of debt, set up a budget, and stick to it - so that you can start saving and growing wealth.  

Check out all of the resources below to help you on the path to a healthy financial future, including the INB blog, which contains posts on budgeting, saving, and much more!

 Start Saving

Think ahead to that big purchase you want to make. Senior Vice President Cayla Keyes outlines some savings goals in this blog post, "Everyone can save!"

When you’re spending money, you can’t save it. So a good first step to get started is to open an INB Savings Account. INB’s You Name It Savings Account helps you save big, for whatever you need.

Apply for an INB Savings Account

 Reduce Debt

  • Reducing debt is the key to success in financial planning. At INB, Assistant Vice President Amy Barnes is a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach (RPC). Amy and the rest of our team can help you start getting out of debt today. 
  • Check out the INB blog for tips to start tackling your debt.
  • Watch this video to see Senior Vice President Chris Parks talk more about reducing debt in this video:

 Plan Your Monthly Expenses

Before you can reduce debt, budget, or save, you need to know where you stand today. Our Monthly Cash Flow document will help you understand the money going in and out of your wallet each month.

 Set a Budget

The INB Blog has a wealth of information to help you set a budget

 Plan for Life's Big Events

Let us help you make some memories! These blog posts can help you plan. INB Checking Accounts can also help power you plan for these events. Watch the video to learn more.

Upcoming Wedding?

Ready for Vacation? Relax and Enjoy Some Time Away! 

Want to Buy a Home?

Are you ready to get out of debt, start saving, and plan your budget?

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