Estate planning is one of the most important things you can do for your family. INB can assist with every aspect of estate planning to ensure that your money goes where you want it.

Services include:

WILLS. A will is a powerful legal document, and is one of the most important components of your overall estate plan. A will can be used to create a trust, under which INB works for the benefit of your heirs. You maintain full control of your assets during your lifetime and can rest secure in the knowledge that your wishes will be faithfully executed with the provisions set forth in your trust document. 

ESTATES. INB's estate planning services include assistance in identifying your assets, determining how you'd like them to be distributed, and utilizing all resources to minimize the impact of estate taxes.

TRUSTS. A trust provides you with resources to help your assets reach their maximum potential, while minimizing taxes at the same time. You can appoint INB as your trustee, or serve as trustee yourself, naming INB as your successor in the event of your incapacity, death or resignation. Whatever arrangement you choose initially, you always retain the right to alter or cancel that arrangement at any time during your life.

INHERITANCE. When coupled with the emotional loss of a loved one’s death, inheriting a sum of money can sometimes be overwhelming. INB is available to offer financial guidance for your inheritance. We can help you define your goals and map out a plan to preserve and grow your wealth.

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