We do everything we can to keep your money and confidential information safe. And we’re constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the people who seem determined to hurt others.

Did you know we offer ways for you to be alerted when an account has been compromised? Consider adding these free alerts to your checking and/or savings accounts.

Debit Card AlertsINB log in on phone screen

If you only set one alert, choose this one. Each time you use your debit card, you can be notified via email or text message. If you get a text message telling you your debit card has been used . . . and you weren’t the user . . . you can immediately use your digital account to turn your card off. Then, you can check with us to determine if there was fraud.

To sign up for debit card alerts, call 1-877-771-2316

To turn your debit card off and on, log into digital banking and choose the “Manage Cards” tab.

Keep in mind you’ll get an alert even for payments you have automatically deducted using your debit card. So, you might get alert and say, “Whoa!!” only to determine, “Oh, yeah. I did that.” But nonetheless, debit card alerts can help us quickly spot fraud and stop it.

Available Balance Alert

We highly recommend you receive regular alerts on your account balances. Then if you see unexpected balance changes, you can immediately check into it.

You can set the available balance alert in your digital bank account.  Choose “Manage Alerts” from the main menu. Then choose a “Custom” alert.  You then can customize the alert however you’d like, but we suggest creating an alert to receive your account balances daily at any specific time.  You can choose either email or text notifications. But the important thing is to see the alert and be able to take action quickly, so if you don’t check your email regularly, a text message might be a better option.

The Available Balance Alert is also a good alert to help you from overdrawing an account.  If you see your balance is getting low – maybe you forgot about an automatic payment, for example – you can make a transfer from one account to another before the end of business day at 6 p.m. and ward off any overdraft fees.

Alerts when someone tries to access your digital account

From within digital banking, you can set up alerts to notify you when someone is trying to access your account. Three key alerts are:

Login error alert – This sends a real-time alert when someone fails to log into your account. If you get an alert from a failed login, call us at 877-771-2316 or complete the form on our website.

Password changed alert – Get a real time alert when your password gets changed. Again, if this wasn’t you, contact us.

Login alert – If someone logs into your digital account, you’ll be notified.

The video link below walks you through setting up these alerts on your phone. The same steps apply when accessing your account from a computer. https://youtu.be/iT1GIGs5R64