Everybody knows they should save… but how many people actually do?

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Statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce show Americans saved as much as 14 percent of their disposable income in 1971.  By 2014, that number has dropped to 5.7 percent.

What if you have a major appliance break? What if you have a major health issue?  What if you can’t work? You need savings to handle these emergencies.

Once you’ve saved for emergencies, you can consider saving for the fun things.  How about that designer dress you’d love to wear to the next holiday party?  Or maybe that awesome 55-inch TV for your new “man cave”?  New furniture?  An Alaskan Cruise? INB has a savings account designed just for those special purchases.  It’s called “You Name It Savings.”  It works because you decide what you want to buy and how much you can save toward the purchase each month.  Then when you hit your target date if you’ve met your savings goal, we’ll transfer the money to your INB checking or savings account!

And as an added incentive, if you’re a checking account customer, we’ll match your Pocket Change contributions for the first 90 days up to $100.  Let your banker know if you’d like to take advantage of our Pocket Change Program. When you open a You Name It Savings, you’ll get the chance to actually name your account.  So how about, Our Cruise Savings Account or Bathroom Remodel Savings Account.  Then as you see the savings add up, you can keep your goal in mind. It’s important to save for the big emergencies, but saving for the things you want can mean the difference between buying and buying on credit.  And that’s savings that puts money in your pocket.