There was a question Corey Kates had been waiting for, and without a doubt, he knew the answer.

Corey Kates joined INB in 2017 as a loan processor, working with Todd Weir, a veteran INB mortgage lender. Todd eventually asked him: “If you could do what you are doing right now or be a lender for the same income, what would you do?”

Corey Kates

Corey answered that he definitely wanted to be a lender – and not for the opportunity to make more money, but instead to help more people become homeowners. Since then, Corey has become a standout mortgage lender for INB in the Springfield area.

Corey’s dedication has not gone unnoticed in the community, and we’re proud to announce he’s been selected for the Springfield Business Journal’s prestigious 40 Under 40 award!

“When I heard I was nominated and selected I was speechless,” Corey says. “I’m deeply honored and humbled to be recognized with such deserving individuals. I also want to extend my gratitude to my incredible wife, Jamie, whose support and encouragement have been instrumental in achieving this milestone in my life.”

The award is absolutely deserving, says Todd: “I have had the pleasure to see his growth firsthand. His compassion to help people and always do the best for them is top-notch. He is always educating himself and looking for the best ways to serve our customers.”

Corey first started his mortgage career at Wells Fargo in the Home Preservation Department. It was there he discovered a passion for helping homeowners.

“There was no greater feeling in the world than letting a client know we could save a home from falling into foreclosure after losing a husband or wife and going to a one-income household,” Corey recalls. “Or letting a client who was the victim of a layoff right before Christmas know that we could help suspend their mortgage payments for three to six months while they’re looking for a new job.”

As INB Chatham branch manager, Amanda Donley not only gets to work alongside Corey, but her family also has experience working with him; Corey is serving as the mortgage lender for Amanda’s daughter.

“He’s been great at helping her as a first-time homebuyer; she says he’s made it very easy to understand,” Amanda says. “Corey is ambitious and thinks outside the box to educate customers on mortgages and what can be offered to help their situation. Since Chatham hasn’t had a mortgage lender in our location for several years, he’s been a great asset to the branch and community.”

Corey’s Efforts for Community Causes

Corey seizes many opportunities to elevate the community and give back. He lives in Chatham and is a member of the Chatham Chamber of Commerce. He also served on the Chatham Area Community Library Foundation committee to raise funds for library expansion.

For many years, Corey spearheaded the annual Mike Steele Memorial Golf Tournament, which helped needy families dealing with life-threatening illness or facing a devastating loss. The event, which he co-chaired with his brother, Brandon, raised over $250,000.

He’s also involved with the Springfield community through his participation in United Way Days of Action with other INB team members. During Covid, he supported “Pay it Forward,” providing meals to those who needed them.

Using Mortgage Expertise to Assist Veterans

In recent years, Corey found a way to combine his professional expertise with a growing interest. When he saw a stigma associated with VA loans, Corey decided to become a Certified Veteran Mortgage Advisor as a way of giving back to the community’s veterans.

He earned the designation by completing coursework that gives him the knowledge to educate would-be military homeowners and encourage military homeownership. Now one of only 125 Veteran Mortgage Advisors nationwide, Corey is proud about making the VA loan mortgage process easy for our veterans.

Over the years, helping families move into their new homes has brought Corey so much joy, and he’s honored to be recognized for his community efforts.

“In the end, it’s the rewarding feeling of seeing the genuine happiness from helping others in the biggest decision of their lives, and I wanted to be the face and person at the forefront of that decision for them,” Corey says. “I want to build a lasting relationship with my clients, and I believe that going out of your way to help others causes a chain reaction in other altruistic acts. If I can make a difference in one person’s life each day, then I’ve found my sense of purpose and satisfaction.”

Corey’s NMLS# is 1652367