INB is sponsoring the month of July to encourage blood donations at ImpactLife. Blood banks are running low and in major need of donations, especially during the summer months.

According to ImpactLife, donations drop this time of year because regular donors may go on their summer vacations. Also, high schools and colleges that usually have events are on summer break which reduces the number of events. ImpactLife says that summer is the start of “trauma season” and the hospitals see more injuries. Donations are needed year-round, but it’s a crucial time for them, and one donation of blood can save multiple lives.

the need for blood is significant

Krista Jiroutek, account manager adds, “Every day 1 of every 7 people that enter the hospital need blood products.”  One donation of blood can help anywhere from three to four people, and this can make a life-changing difference for some patients. “If everyone gave blood 2 times a year, we would never have a shortage of blood. Currently, only 3% of the population donates blood,” Krista says.

Krista says she first donated blood because there was a gift, but soon she realized that it is more important to help save lives. So now, when she donates, it’s not about the gift she receives. Krista said this video shows why she continues to donate.

the why: top ten reasonsINB is encouraging employees, customers- and really the whole community- to donate. Locations and times for donations at ImpactLife can be found at . On the website you can also register to donate and determine if you meet the donation requirements. INB and ImpactLife are hoping to collect at least 50 units through the month of July, which could possibly help save 150 patients’ lives.

The need for blood donations is critical and your donation can make a difference. Every donation counts. Whether you’re a first-time donor or if you donate regularly, your donation will help save lives. By donating in July, you can have the opportunity to receive,

  • Choice of $20 gift card
  • Donation to Make-A-Wish
  • Bonus points to the rewards store

Don’t forget to mention INB during your donation!