This is not your typical day in the office at INB for the mortgage team. Instead of being in the office the team traded their desk to be at the golf course. Nonetheless, Samantha Patrick says spending the afternoon on the golf course for the Capital Area Realtors (CAR) golf outing is still work.

INB Mortgage Team Group Picture

“It's important for INB’s mortgage team to be at this event because it allows us to connect with key players in the real estate industry, including realtors, title companies, appraisers, and other mortgage lenders. These relationships are crucial for fostering collaboration and staying updated on industry trends. Additionally, participating in the event demonstrates our commitment to supporting the Capitol Area Association of Realtors and their efforts in strengthening our community.”

This year’s CAR outing was held at Edgewood Golf Club in Auburn. The fundraiser benefits CAR’s fund that started back in 2007. These funds can be used for a variety of opportunities such as parks, scholarships, and affordable housing and, the list goes on. The Capital Area Realtors was founded in 1921 and has roughly 1,000 members.

Brad Dyer, VP, Retail Lending Manager, is a golfer, but he says the event is much more than just a game. “I’m usually playing with or around several realtors and you can see such a range of emotions (mostly great and some frustrating) while we play, and it allows us to get to know each other on a deeper level.”

INB supported this event as a hole sponsor with our level of sponsorship to CAR. The INB mortgage team had a tent on the course with some goodies to offer and a special drink, the screaming cicada to support the rise of cicadas this year.

Both Samantha and Brad agreed that this is an important event for networking in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.