While the products have been different, Katie Hahn has spent her entire career in sales – from kitchens and baths to website design to financial services. But no matter the industry, it all comes down to her desire to help people by listening and understanding what their needs actually are.

Katie Hahn

“I definitely enjoy customer interactions the most – meeting them to learn about their organizations and how we can help enhance their business,” she says.

Katie’s zest for sales and working with people have earned her an exciting new promotion. She is looking forward to continually fostering close relationships with INB clients as senior vice president, and she is stepping into the leadership position for all of Treasury sales.

In her new role, Katie will lead the Treasury team in INB’s Illinois, Florida and Missouri markets, collaborating closely with bank partners in Commercial Lending, Wealth, and Retail to offer customized business solutions to INB’s most valued clients.

Katie has many years of successful sales experience and has shown exceptional relationship management skills as she has opened new markets for INB.

Katie joined INB in 2021 as Assistant Vice President of Business Solutions. Within her first year, she contributed to significant growth in the cannabis-related business markets and took on full responsibility for INB’s largest state and municipal customers.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to take on this new role, merging my passion for both sales and leadership,” Katie says.

Katie shares that it’s important for her to be able to rely on her team, knowing that they can find the best solution for a customer or work through details on business solutions. She is confident in the ability of INB’s team of financial experts to work together and innovate in order to serve each client.

“In my time at INB, I’m continually impressed with our Treasury team’s initiative and drive to truly understand our customers’ businesses. I look forward to continue providing our Treasury clients with the unique, tailored solutions they need to thrive,” Katie says.