We’re kicking off 2024 celebrations with our first quarter service anniversaries.

9 people celebrating service anniversaries

Mike Wallace is clocking in 20 years at INB, and Megan Kepling celebrates 15 years.

At the 10-year mark, we have Jennifer Gardner, Richard Lewis, and Todd Weir.

Employees commemorating 5 years of service this quarter include: Jason Filipiak, Mortgage Loan Closer Tim Simmons, Denise Harney, and Allison Trelz.

Get to know our staff celebrating these milestone anniversaries.

Todd Weir

AVP, Mortgage Loan Officer

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part of working at INB is that it is truly like a big family, and that family extends beyond my co-workers to the customers. I can be proud to say I work at INB, and when I tell my clients that they are not just a number, I can say that with confidence and conviction. I can pass a client onto someone in a department or area that is not my area of expertise knowing they will be treated like I would want to be treated. I am a big relationship person, so this is VERY important to me.

My favorite vacation destination: Negril, Jamaica. It has 7 miles of white sand beach with a perfect sunset in the west. The sunsets are second-to-none with Negril being on the very west tip of the island. Sitting on the beach while drinking a Red Stripe…it doesn’t get any better. The people there are so gracious and humble. I love the food too; Jamaican Jerk is one of my favs. It really makes you appreciate the simple things in life a lot of us take for granted in the U.S., like running water and living quarters with controlled temperatures.

What’s your favorite restaurant and what do you order there? PAO. I usually start off with a FILTHY Grey Goose Martini (Up) with extra blue cheese olives. I love the Caribbean Shrimp for an appetizer. The Goat Cheese salad with the Vanilla Bean dressing is amazing. For an entrée, I usually order the tuna or pork medallions.

Megan Kepling 

Branch Operations Supervisor

Favorite part about working at INB: I love the people I work with, and since we work in such a small town, we see a lot of the same faces, so I’ve gotten to know a lot of our customers on a more personal level; I love that!

What’s your favorite book or movie? I don’t really have a favorite book but love a lot of them written by Colleen Hoover. My favorite movie would have to be anything horror related.

Allison Trelz

Senior Financial Consultant Officer

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional people. We actively engage in open discussions, asking questions to deepen our understanding and enhance our skills. This collaborative spirit fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, as we constantly strive to add value the work we do.

My favorite holiday: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, there is less pressure to get sucked into the consumption of material things. It is a time we get to prioritize quality time and feel grateful for what we have. I love cooking and spending time with family.

Mike Wallace

Post Closing Specialist

Favorite part about working at INB: It’s become like extended family. Many of INB’s current employees were here when I first started, and through that, have celebrated some of life’s important moments, whether that’s been getting through things like pain and grief or celebrating the happier, exciting times.

My favorite movie: Titanic

Jennifer Gardner

Trust Officer

Favorite part about working at INB: INB is a community bank and decisions are made locally. I enjoy the friendly team-oriented work environment. Everyone works together to provide excellent service and solutions to our customers.

What 3 things could you not live without? Faith, Family, and Friends :)

Jason Filipiak

Loan Servicing Specialist

Favorite part about working at INB: the people I work with. The managers and coworkers make coming into the office a very fun and productive work environment.

My favorite holiday: My favorite holiday is Halloween. It was fun dressing up as a kid to go trick or treating, and as an adult, it’s just as fun giving out candy and seeing the costumes. An added bonus is all the scary movies that are on during Halloween!

Richard Lewis

Account Preservation Officer

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is the incredible coworkers and also being able to help customers out in rough times and getting them back on track.

My favorite vacation destination: I love to cruise, and I have been impressed with every place I have visited on my past 10 cruises, especially seeing the beautiful islands, beautiful blue ocean and seeing how differently people in the other countries live.

What’s one thing on your bucket list? I just knocked off a bucket list item on the cruise I just took in February 2024 by ziplining for the first time. Mind you, I am a one and done; I didn’t mind the ziplining but didn’t care for walking up the steps to the landing area!

Denise Harney


Favorite part about working at INB: I enjoy every morning greeting everyone at the 431 Building with a “Good Morning” and a smile. I work with supportive INB colleagues who make me smile, too. I feel the work my coworkers and I do every day makes a difference to the people we live around and our community. My managers encourage me to grow and welcome my feedback and ideas to help strengthen our INB Team daily. 

My favorite movie: The Thrill of It All