In the movie Remember the Titans, a 1971 high school football team strives to be “mobile” and “agile,” chanting those words as they go through their training drills in their quest for a state championship title.

Nick Horton

That story of football triumph is Nick Horton’s favorite movie, so it’s no surprise that he appreciates his own team at INB operating with a similar mentality.

“INB is a good fit for me because of the work culture; everyone is great to work with, and having close and easy access to decision-makers is a huge benefit when trying to get deals done efficiently for our clients,” he shares.

Nick’s dedication to his team and his customers has not gone unnoticed: he was recently promoted to Vice President, Commercial Lending at INB.

Drawn to INB by Other Employees

Nick began as an Assistant Vice President when he joined INB in September 2016. He briefly started in the commercial credit department before moving to commercial lending.

“I was drawn to INB by the people. I had known several INB employees for many years before making the jump over, and they all talked about how much they enjoyed working for INB,” he says.

Nick now manages the largest portfolio in the Illinois market. Along with his growth, he has kept delinquencies to a minimum and has also served as the bank’s CRA (Community Reinvestments Act) officer, contact for Small Business Administration and lead for cannabis-related businesses.

“I truly enjoy helping people start or continue to grow their business through different financing options,” Nick shares.

At Work or Play, There’s Always Action

When he’s not serving clients, Nick keeps busy on the weekends at sporting events and activities for his son, spending time with his family, or working on home improvement projects around his house. He also loves a trip to the mountains, particularly Colorado or Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Nick’s promotion is well-deserved, as he has always handled himself professionally no matter what has been asked of him. He’s looking forward to his new role.

“I’m proud and excited for any new opportunities or responsibilities that come along with it,” he says.

Congratulations Nick!