In early 2023, Dee Pedersen heard “through the grapevine” that INB’s Customer Care Center Manager Steve Miller was retiring at the end of the year. The thought popped into her head about what it would be like to manage the Care Center herself.

Dee Pedersen

After that, she didn’t think any more about it… until she was approached in late spring with a question.

“I was asked if managing the call center would be anything I was interested in. I laughed and said the thought crossed my mind,” Dee shares.

After managing several INB branches over 15 years, she felt like she might be ready for a change, sharing her management expertise in a new capacity. But it was a tough decision to transition from INB’s Dirksen branch, where she loved her customers!

“After some long conversations and tears thinking about my decision, I realized my excitement and spark had returned thinking about being instrumental in growing and developing both the call center and our new Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) department,” Dee says.

Dee has jumped in headfirst and has no regrets. She’s overseeing several exciting changes to INB’s Customer Care department, including new technology and a growing staff.

More New Customer Care Staff

Along with Dee, we’ve also seen other recent additions to the Customer Care Center team. The most recent new employees are care consultants Jonathan Keldermans and Sam Bradley. They’re joining veteran Care Center staff Joe Jonaitis and Cammy Murfin.

“Our customer consultants are instrumental in efficiently handling the large number of customer calls that come in each day with minimal wait time,” Dee says. “I have been impressed how the consultants work together to help each other out whenever possible to make the customer experience a better one.”

Through training, coaching and mentoring, Dee hopes to improve the strength of her team’s banking knowledge to better be able to handle and solve the needs of our customers.

As she grows and develops the INB Customer Care Center, Dee’s focus is to provide the highest level of customer service to each and every INB customer.

“As we continue building great relationships with our customers, I want to be sure that we are building a high level of trust, so the customer doesn’t hesitate to give us a call whenever they need,” she says.