Brad Dyer jokes that the “big bucks” enticed him into a career in banking.

Brad Dyer

He was working in the sporting goods department at K’s Merchandise and went to cash his paycheck at American Savings Bank.

“They told me the starting pay was $3.75/hour, which was almost a 12% raise from my K’s job!” he recalls.

It was an offer he couldn’t refuse: “I then went from teller, to supervisor, to assistant manager, to branch manager and enjoyed those roles as they combined meeting people, responsibility, accountability, and guiding customers and employees, and….now I was up to $8/hour!”

Relationships Cement Banking Ties

While those “big pay jumps” initially drew Brad into banking, the joy of working with people has kept him in the industry for 37 years.

He has spent his entire career in the Central Illinois area, focusing on Mortgage Lending for the past 25 years.

And now INB is excited to welcome Brad as the new mortgage sales manager for Central Illinois with the official title of Vice President, Residential Lending.

“I was drawn to INB first because of its current employees and leadership,” he shares. “I could see the community involvement and commitment in action and the reputation was one of caring, teamwork, and a dedication to working to find the best solutions for our customers.”

In his new role, Brad will support all mortgage lenders at INB with a focus on retention and growth across INB markets.

“I think of Springfield as a big, small town where we care about each other and truly want each other to succeed,” he says. “The mortgage banking community within the Springfield area is even tighter, but most of the time, we are friendly competitors trying to look out to do what’s best for our clients.”

Joy in Serving People

Native to Springfield, Brad has a wife, two children and a part-time dog (“it’s my son’s, but we share custody,” he says). When not on the clock, he enjoys reading, playing cards and board games with family and friends.

“Currently, my daughter and I are reigning Euchre Champions of the Universe… with the Universe being our house,” he laughs.

With his mortgage expertise, Brad has also been involved in Capital Area Realtors since 1998, serving on numerous committees and serving on the board twice. He has also devoted time to his children’s sports teams, coaching soccer, and basketball while they were growing up.

“But now I’m mainly relegated to Trophy Husband duties,” he jokes, “as my wife is very involved in the Illinois Women in Leadership, Junior League, Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and serving as president of the board for Family Service Center.”

Brad now looks forward to supporting the INB mortgage team across Central Illinois as we help our customers get into the homes of their dreams. For Brad, that’s the best part of his career.

“I genuinely enjoy helping customers!” he says. “Whether it’s their first home, dream home, downsizing, or refinancing to save money, it has always been the best job I’ve ever had! I get to participate in one of the biggest financial decisions in my customers’ lives; I take real joy in that and never take that part for granted.”

Brad’s NMLS # is 488876.