Misty Shaw is fully invested in her new job as INB’s new North Dirksen Parkway branch manager. And with over 20 years in banking, she’s invested in the industry as well.

Misty Shaw

Rising to the Challenge

Misty started her career in banking in 2000 in Lewistown, IL. At that time, she managed loans and had customer service responsibilities. She then made her way to Macomb, IL, where she established a new Schuyler State Bank branch.  Recalling the experience, she says, “Starting from scratch, understanding the dynamics of the region, and building a customer base was a rigorous process."

After a couple of years, Schuyler transitioned into Marine Bank and that brought another test for Misty. "Winning the trust of new customers was vital," Misty shares, emphasizing she learned the importance of community presence and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Misty's perspective on her role as branch manager is clear: it's multifaceted and goes beyond administration. "A branch manager should be a team cheerleader, team player, and embody the spirit of leading by example, ensuring that the customer remains the primary focus," she elaborates.

Professional Growth and Emphasizing the Customer Experience

Misty knows she’s stepping into big shoes at INB.  Customers, employees, and coworkers love her predecessor, Dee Pederson, so earning some of that love is job #1.

Misty is more than motivated to succeed. She notes Dee is never afraid to put herself on the front line, making sure every customer is greeted by name and with a smile. Misty does the same. She adds, “Being a branch manager is a tough role. I want to show my staff how we do this. But I’m also open to new things, especially now, as the newbie. I want to hear my staff’s ideas and learn from them. I'm in a learning phase, and every insight is valuable."

With digital banking evolving rapidly, Misty is determined to keep branch banking relevant. "While we introduce customers to advanced tech tools, the personal touch and familiarity of our branch ensure they always feel welcome."

Embracing INB's Unique Culture

Misty's move to INB marks a significant career decision, but it's one she’s finding rewarding. Discussing INB's culture, she says, "It's friendly, appreciative, and stands out in its unique way."

In the months ahead, her hope is her team will see her as a valuable contributor and another individual who is embracing and contributing to the bank’s culture.

On a Personal Note

In her car, Misty tunes into podcasts like “Stuff You Should Know,” and others covering history. Her musical taste ranges from hard rock to alternative. As for TV? “Only Murders in the Building” has her captivated.

A Bears fan since the team’s Super Bowl win in her high school years, Misty is passionate about travel, with a trip to Greece for her 50th birthday being a highlight. She quips, "I'll travel anywhere for a bloody Mary!" She’ll apparently travel for bourbon, too, as she and friends recently traveled the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Misty is married and lives in Leland Grove.   She and her husband adopted a standard poodle, Oakley, who adores Misty.  She finds solace in the "little oasis" in her backyard.

In 2017, Misty chose to be a non-directed kidney donor. She simply approached Memorial Health, said she wanted to donate . . . and then did.  Why did she do this? “If you saw someone drowning, would you just keep walking? Of course not! You throw them a life preserver.”  She has since met her donor but doesn’t know the other three people who benefited from her one, donated kidney.

Please welcome Misty to INB.