Have you ever taken a moment to dive deep into what your INB checking account offers you? If not, now’s a great time to understand and take advantage of the benefits. The benefits outlined here are available to all Power and Power Plus checking account customers and are offered through our partner, BaZing. You’ll find more specifics on each of these benefits here. 

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  1. Shop and Save BIG!

    You know that rush of joy when you snag a great deal? With your INB checking account, you'll experience that a whole lot more! From your favorite restaurants to that local store you love, you get exclusive discounts right in your neighborhood and across the country. Think of all the savings!

    To find deals near you, go to www.BaZing.com and search by zip code, city and state or merchant under Local or Online Deals, or use the BaZing mobile app. When you’re ready to take advantage of one of the discounts, show a printed coupon or the coupon on your phone to the vendor or service provider.  They’ll take it from there.

  2. Roadside Assistance? You're Covered!

    You've been there: that unexpected flat tire on a road trip or a drained battery in the middle of nowhere. Guess what? Your INB checking account has your back! With our handy roadside assistance, you can wave those worries goodbye and continue cruising.

    The benefit provides roadside service for up to $80 per occurrence.  Covered services include towing assistance, battery service, flat tire assistance, fuel, oil, fluid, water delivery, lock-assistance, collision assistance and extrication assistance.

  3. Relax! You Have Cell Phone Protection*

    We're all attached to our smartphones, aren't we? Now, imagine breaking it or having it stolen. But with your checking account, you're offered cell phone protection. So, next time you accidentally drop your phone, remember we're here to soften the blow.

    This insurance is to reimburse for damage to, or theft of, eligible cell phones. To qualify, you must pay your phone bill through your INB Power or Power Plus checking account the month prior to breaking or theft of your phone. 

  4. Eyes Wide Open with ID Theft Aid

    In today's digital age, safety is paramount. You should never have to worry about the bad guys getting your personal info, but, unfortunately, we all have to play it safe. To make ID theft less stressful, our INB checking accounts comes with Identity monitoring and restoration. Also included with your BaZing benefits is Payment Card Fraud Resolution so that if your payment card is lost or stolen, fraud specialists can help you cancel and reissue your cards. You must activate identity monitoring to take advantage of it.

  5. Shop Confidently! Buyer’s Protection and extended warranty*

    Taking advantage of our Buyer’s Protection and Extended Warranty couldn't be easier. Simply use your Power or Power Plus checking account for your next shopping spree, and let us take care of the rest. Should the unexpected occur within the first 180 days after your purchase, you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded up to $2,500.

  6. An Extra Perk for Travelers*

    If you like to travel, keep these benefits in mind. Your INB checking account will make your trip less stressful knowing you have Travel Accidental Death Insurance.

  7. Because You Matter: Health Savings Card

    While not insurance coverage, the BaZing Health Savings Card helps with discounts and preferred pricing for prescriptions, eye care, and hearing services at specific participating providers. You’ll find the full list on the BaZing.com website and the BaZing mobile app.

Wrap Up

Remember, Power and Power Plus checking accounts aren’t just any checking account; They’re YOUR checking accounts, loaded with perks you can use every day. So next time you're shopping, traveling, or going about your day, remember to use your benefits.  Now that’s smart banking!

If you have friends or family who’d love these perks, too, why not share the love and let them know about INB's fantastic checking accounts? When you use our INB Rewards Program, we’ll give you points so you can choose the rewards that suit you.  You’ll find everything from gift cards to trips and merchandise. For details, click here.