Opening the doors to Anytime Fitness Peoria nearly a decade ago, Doug Pinter started on a journey that would not only transform his own life, but also impact the lives of countless others. A golf professional with a keen business sense and a desire for more personal time, Doug and his wife found the perfect investment opportunity that aligned with their passions: Anytime Fitness.

Zach, Amanda and Doug in the gym

Fast forward 9 ½ years, and Anytime Fitness Peoria had become a thriving hub for health and wellness, helping people embrace active lifestyles. With this success, the Pinters expanded their venture, opening Anytime Fitness Germantown Hills four years ago. This couple’s story isn't just about running a gym -- it's about instilling a culture of thriving through fitness.

More than Fitness: Community and Livable Years

Doug's venture into the fitness industry wasn't just about running a gym; it was about changing lives. Anytime Fitness's national mission to help people thrive through an active lifestyle resonated deeply with him. He wanted to provide services that added livable years to his members' lives, especially those transitioning into retirement.

Through careful selection and nurturing, Doug has built a team that shares his values. He's not just a boss; he's a mentor, offering his staff the tools they need to succeed both in the business and their personal lives. His passion for community support shines through in his contributions to local school programs and youth initiatives.

Embracing Challenges and Reaping Rewards

Entrepreneurship is usually a journey marked by excitement and challenges. For Doug, the path included navigating through unprecedented hurdles, such as the six-month closure due to the pandemic. But Doug worked through it, evolving his business in new ways to engage new club members. presented opportunities for growth, as the business evolved and found innovative ways to engage members.

Doug's partnership with INB emerged as a pivotal factor in his decision making. Introduced by an old friend turned INB team member, Doug found a banking partner that shared his values. With INB's help, he moved his business accounts to INB, and the relationship expanded to include Treasury Services and personal accounts.

INB Connects the Dots

Doug's transition to INB wasn't just about transactions; it was about relationships. The responsive and efficient support he received from Amanda and the entire INB team showcased the bank's commitment to its clients. Amy Barnes, AVP Wealth Management, and Zach Ponder, VP Commercial Lender in Peoria, became valued connections.

Doug's belief in local relationships and community alignment found a match in INB's values. As Doug looks ahead, he sees a future of continued excellence, providing health and wellness services to his members and fostering the community spirit that drives his business.

A Vision Fulfilled

Doug's journey, from a golf pro to an inspiring entrepreneur, mirrors his own transformation – one that was made possible by his dedication, his team's support, and the partnerships he cultivated.

With his business and personal accounts now seamlessly woven into INB, Doug's story shows the power of collaboration and shared values. It's proof that remarkable things happen when individuals and institutions unite to drive not just business progress, but also enrich the communities they serve.