INB has launched our first-ever rewards program that provides points to customers and the people they refer to INB. The points can be redeemed for valuable items like gift cards, household goods, jewelry, and travel.

INB Rewards logo

We award the points as friends and family open INB checking accounts. Customers then log into our rewards website to decide how they’d like to use their points.  The more referrals and account openings, the more items to choose from.

We’ll Ask You to Refer Us

Our branch staff has begun asking customers if they would make a referral and provide information on how to sign up at 

The people you refer to open a checking account use your referral code when they come to a branch or go online to open the account. If the account is approved and opened, both you and your friend will receive a certificate redeemable for a $25 gift card or 350 points. You can get gifts with as few as 100 points. 

Anyone Can Make Referrals and Earn Rewards

Even if you don’t stop by one of our branches for a referral code, you can get your own code and start earning rewards. Simply visit  Once there, create an account. Next, choose the “Invite a Friend” button.  There, you’ll find your personal referral code as well as messages you can use on social media and e-mail to invite friends and family to bank with INB.

Here’s How You Redeem Rewards

With your first rewards, you can start choosing gifts, or you can also save your rewards and ultimately redeem for higher-priced items and gift cards. Award options are updated regularly, but you’ll find everything from name-brand garden tools to a Caribbean cruise.  There is definitely something for everyone.

Do you have questions about the program? Any of our branch staff will be happy to share information. You can even email me.