INB recently fielded a phone call from a customer who had read about bank failures earlier this year and was concerned about the safety of her money.

Dee Pedersen

The woman reached Dee Pedersen, VP/Branch Manager of INB Dirksen, who was quick to reassure the customer that her funds were safe at INB and explained why. 

Dee did such an exceptional job communicating with her that the customer ended up calling again — just to make sure Dee was recognized for her customer service!  She wanted Dee and her team to receive the credit they deserved. 

We’re pleased to say that Dee has been recognized again in an even bigger way: she’s the recent recipient of a CILSA Customer Service Award!

“I was very humbled when I had received word that a new customer to INB had such great things to not only say about their experience with me but also my entire staff here at the North Dirksen branch location,” Dee says. “It made me feel great knowing my staff was included and also made a great impression.”

What Is Customer Service?

Customer service is often cited as one of the main reasons people stick with their banks over the long run. But it can be difficult to define exactly what excellent customer service is.

Another one of Dee’s customers hit the nail on the head when he called to share about switching to INB: he said “people make the difference.”

What does that look like?

For this customer and his wife, it meant a lasting impression. The couple had been banking at another bank for 30 years, but after it went through a merger, they decided to explore other options.

They were reminded that they had met “someone” from the northside INB branch who left a lasting impression on them, so they stopped into the branch one day.

The minute they walked in the door, they knew they were making the right decision. They explained that everyone in the building welcomed them, made them feel valued, and they felt a connection.

The couple quickly switched their banking to INB and shared this: “whether we go through the drive, call the Call Center or come into the branch, we always feel that connection.”

“How Can I Help?”

Dee always focuses on creating an atmosphere where a helpful attitude comes naturally. Her staff is well trained on spending extra time with customers to make sure their needs are met and that any follow-up is done in a timely manner.

“To me, good customer service is having a ‘how can I help?’ mentality, making our customers feel welcomed and appreciated, and doing everything that we possibly can to make their banking experience a good one,” Dee shares. “We want to develop those relationships where our customers feel comfortable coming to us with a struggle they may be having or simply where we can communicate new products or services that they may find beneficial.”

At INB, we are proud of Dee’s leadership and the value she places on providing an excellent experience to every customer who walks in the door that makes the difference!

As for the first customer, who called with concern for her money, she ended up telling INB that the customer service she’s experienced has been so great, she has recommended INB to a friend who is considering switching banks.

As Retail Manager, these stories make me proud to be part of the INB team. As Dee exemplifies, we love finding ways to make our customers’ financial lives easier, as well as creating experiences for our customers that go above and beyond. Congrats to Dee and her team!