While she’s graduated from the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA) Future Leaders Alliance (FLA), Samantha Patrick has the opportunity to continue learning thanks to a scholarship.

Samantha Patrick

Sam says, “The IBA chose me as the recipient of the American Bankers Association’s Emerging Leaders Scholarship to participate in the Women and Allies and Emerging Leaders Forums at this year’s Washington Summit.” The Summit was held the week of March 20, where she had the opportunity to advocate for Illinois bankers.   Before heading to DC, Sam said, “I’m looking forward to the experience and representing Illinois bankers in person at our nation’s capital, speaking one on one with our congressional leaders about important topics that impact us directly.”

Sam recently received her graduation papers for participating in the program, and was called to the stage during the IBA’s One Conference to accept the scholarship.

As part of the 14- month program, Sam and the rest of her classmates attended educational sessions, completed an in-bank project, and performed local community service teaching financial literacy.  The education sessions cover core topics such as leadership and influence, team building, coaching, service leadership, collaboration skills, financial marketing, personal branding, legislative process, presentation skills, accounting for bankers, asset liability management, regulatory hot topics, cyber security and more.

Passing Baton to Nathan Van Zele

Nathan Van Zele

INB’s AVP, Deposit Operations Nathan Van Zele is participating in the 2023 FLA session. Meetings started in early February.

Nate became interested in the program when his boss, Jamie Singer, vice president, deposit operations, asked him if he might be interested. Nate says, “When I read about it on the IBA website, it sounded like something that could be very rewarding to go through.“

The program includes six, two-day sessions in different cities. The agenda has sessions on collaboration skills and team building, both of which have piqued Nate’s interest. He adds, “I hope I get a better understanding of leadership and areas of banking that I’m normally not involved with.”

Aside from these six sessions, team members will meet virtually in smaller groups. Nate’s team will discuss advancement strategy, an exercise that allows his group to look at potential improvements for their employers.