It looks like there are more fraud attempt being deployed to INB customers and customers at other banks. Here's an example of one fraudulent text message.Screenshot of a phone conversation about fraud.

When you reply “No” to this message, someone will call you and try to talk you into providing your INB banking user name and password.  (DON’T) But if you do, they will then ask for your dual factor authentication code. (DON’T give anyone the code!)

NEVER EVER share your user name, password or code with anyone.  Our employees will never ask you for this information.

If we do think there’s fraud on your INB debit card, we will place a restriction on your card and our business partner and monitoring service will attempt to contact you by phone call. These calls are placed between 8 am and 9 pm, and you will be contacted by a live analyst in Valparaiso, IN, not an automated process. This process is subject to change, but is our current procedure.

Of course, if you ever have a question about who is texting, calling or reaching out to you in any way on behalf of INB, STOP the conversation and call the 800# listed on the top of our website,

Thanks for helping us stop unscrupulous people from gaining access to your money.