It’s always heartwarming to be reminded of the years INB employees have spent with us. Each has such a unique story. We’re celebrating our staff’s 2023 1st quarter service anniversaries. Learn more about the amazing people.

2023 1st Quarter Service Anniversaries

Tim Hull, SVP, Senior Credit Officer; and Missi Searcy, AVP, Deposit Operations, are ringing in 20 years at INB.

Commemorating 15 years of service this quarter include: Jody Mella, Treasury Services Lead; Dee Pedersen, VP/Branch Manager at INB North; Mary Luft, Loan Operations Officer; and Brian Payne, SVP, Remittance Processing and Tech Services.

Employees celebrating 10 years of service are Chris Parks, SVP, Brokerage for INB Wealth; Justin Coy, Home Equity Loan Underwriter; and Josh Ishmael, General Counsel.

Lori Johnson, AVP, Wealth Strategies; and Taylor Hamilton, Relationship Banker, have completed 5 years of service.

Get to know our staff celebrating 2023 1st quarter anniversaries…

Dee Pederson

Favorite part about working at INB: Being an instrumental part in growing our younger/newer employees to meet and exceed their professional goals. I love mentoring and pushing them to be the best version of themselves that I know they are capable of and for them to see those qualities in their own self that I see. It is so rewarding to take a new employee and watch them promote to new positions and to be successful in what they are doing. I also love the many relationships I have built with customers along the way and helping them to achieve their financial goals or set them in the right direction to get them on the right path.

One thing that instantly makes my day better: Definitely a HUG!

Chris Parks

Favorite part about working at INB: I would say my favorite part about working at INB is the culture of “do what’s right for the client and the rest will work itself out.” This culture is backed up with amazing, can-do people who consistently go the extra mile to do all we can to help our clients with the myriad of daily challenges in managing their financial wellbeing. The INB Wealth Team is growing, and I believe the growth is in direct response to the level of care and service we provide our clients.

Favorite vacation destination: Port Douglas, Australia. Our family spent 3 weeks exploring Australia in 1999, and we are long overdue for another visit!

Missi Searcy

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is the teamwork. No matter what we are trying to get done or who we are doing for, every employee here is willing to help out and do whatever they can. Even as we get larger and have more and more employees, it is a known requisite to be treated like family no matter what. 

One item on my bucket list: To go to Italy – specifically Positano, Italy. I even listen to audio books to try to teach myself key phrases in Italian, so when I go I will be all set. It’s not just on my bucket list; it is number 1!!

Tim Hull

Favorite part about working at INB: My fellow co-workers. We have developed a great team of people in the commercial lending department both personally and professionally. We work together as a team with great efficiency and productivity, and we have fun doing our job. We are all given the opportunity to work independently and are entrusted by management to perform our job responsibilities while thinking outside the box.

Favorite vacation destination: My wife and I’s favorite vacation destination is the U.S. Virgin Islands, in particular St. John. We are beach lovers, and St. John is known to have some of the finest beaches around. In addition, Virgin Islands National Park occupies over half the island. It is very hilly and you have to drive on the wrong side of the road, but that makes for a great adventure while getting around. Last year, we took our whole family and both of our neighbors’ families and stayed on St. Thomas for our 25th wedding anniversary. The islands hold many special memories for us.

Mary Luft

Favorite part about working at INB: I would have to say my favorite thing about working at INB is the family feeling atmosphere that we have. Everyone works together to be sure the customers are taken care of and tasks are done in a timely manner. Employees are friendly and willing to help out others as needed even between departments. It’s awesome having such great people to work with.

One item on my bucket list: One item on my bucket list is to go to Australia. 

Jody Mella

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is the family atmosphere. Everyone is always willing to help one another with anything, whether it be at work or outside of work.      

What’s your favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is 4th of July.  I enjoy the patriotism that comes with the 4th of July.  Growing up in a family with multiple service men has really impacted the patriotism I have for the United States.  I have seen firsthand the sacrifices that are made for our country. It truly is an honor to celebrate each year our freedom and the reason we do is due to the sacrifices that are made by our service men and women.

Brian Payne

Favorite part about working at INB: That’s easy, it’s the people. When Tom Gihl hired me back in 2008, I was already familiar with the senior management team, most of the board and a large percentage of bank staff.  Many were people I had worked with previously, and I knew the passion and culture that existed at INB and was excited to become a part of it. I am also grateful to have met and developed lifelong relationships with many customers.  Many of these people I would not have crossed paths with were it not for INB.

What’s your favorite movie? It’s an obscure old movie titled “The Great Race” with Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, and a host of other stars. It’s just goofy old classic screwball comedy escapism. No great message or lasting impression, just fun. When my brother was still alive, we would call or text each other each time it was broadcast/aired/streamed.  We could have just bought it, but it was more fun to stumble upon it by chance and let each other know it was playing.

Lori Johnson

Favorite part about working at INB: I enjoy helping people realize their financial goals and dreams by putting together and executing solid financial plans. Sometimes it’s hard to look past today’s “wants,” but it’s so worth it when a plan comes to fruition!

One item on my bucket list: My husband, Steve, and I plan to tour Italy at some point. We want to wine and dine our way across the country. (But please don’t ask me to do this via bicycle tour! I’d never make it!)

Justin Coy

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is my coworkers, and being able to work with them to help our customers find the best solutions for their loan needs.

Favorite vacation destination: My favorite vacation destination is the next one! However, I did a couple guided canoe camping trips down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers last Summer/Fall, and I’m looking forward to doing some more of that and also exploring more of the Shawnee National Forest this year.

Taylor Hamilton

Favorite part about working at INB: How we are able to put our customers first always and demonstrate our INB values.

One thing that instantly makes my day better: I would say Starbucks.