At INB, it’s well known that we make banking easy…which makes life easier. But there are a lot of pieces that work together behind the scenes to make banking easier, including technology.

Kyle Harvey

For Kyle Harvey, easing everyday stress comes from something that’s not so well known: figuring out IT solutions.

“I enjoy solving problems and architecting new systems. I like to make peoples’ lives easier by understanding their IT problems and bringing them a sustainable and easy solution,” Kyle shares.

Thanks to Kyle’s diligence in this area that often causes confusion, he’s been promoted! Kyle is now serving as Officer, IT Infrastructure Manager for INB.

Contract Work Leads to Full-time Job

Kyle started with INB in 2020, with multiple years of experience in enterprise IT system administration on his resume. Originally a consultant for LRS working as a system administrator, he began taking on more and more responsibility.

“Eventually, it became a good fit to convert into a full-time INB employee after my six-month contract,” he shares.

Kyle recently assumed additional responsibilities within the IT department to lead a team of system administrators responsible for server and network infrastructure for INB. He feels INB has been a great fit for him over the last few years.

“I really value the INB culture and an opportunity to grow within a growing bank,” he says.

On a Personal Note

When he’s not navigating information technology, Kyle’s pursuing personal goals and coaching his two sons, ages 6 and 9.

“I coach their soccer and basketball teams so that keeps me busy,” he says. “I’m also a self-published fantasy author with one book published and another nearly done.”

At INB, Kyle says he’s happy to take on more responsibilities and “put my stamp on the growth of the bank.”

“I look forward to helping direct the technological roadmap for the bank. I also look forward to mentoring the junior system admins who report to me to ensure they can learn and grow in their careers,” he says.