Brenda Tuttle has worn a lot of hats for INB over the years.

After she worked at the original INB for several years in the Cash Management department, she rejoined the current bank in 2001. In that time, she has worked in Deposit Operations, managed the processing for credit cards and prepaid cards, and worked for the Business Solutions team.

Brenda Tuttle

No matter the department, Brenda has found a “team-oriented atmosphere” in every position.

“INB listens to its employees and customers,” she shares.

Brenda has certainly been an important part of the team, and her leadership and dedication have led to a new promotion! She was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Treasury Sales.

As the most senior position of Treasury Sales Officer at INB, Brenda is responsible for some of the most long-term and complex customer relationships at INB. And being part of the solution to help those customers is her favorite part of her job.

“It’s exciting to work with our team to help a customer solve a problem; we’re encouraged to think outside the box,” Brenda says. “This makes our work interesting, as well as fulfilling –knowing that we can help our customers in the community.”

The community is also important to Brenda, and she tries to take full advantage of what Springfield has to offer.

“I love to walk/jog the trails and parks in and around Springfield with friends and family. I walk about 25-30 miles per week for exercise,” she shares.

As she steps into her new role at INB, Brenda looks forward to the opportunity to lead and contribute to a growing department.

“I appreciate the trust that my coworkers have placed in me,” she says. “I’m excited to continue adding value to the bank and our great customers.”