Over his 22 years in banking, INB CFO Brett Tiemann has seen firsthand how important it is for banks to stay connected and advocate for the banking industry. 

Brett Tiemann

One of the ways this happens is thanks to organizations like the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA).

As a trade association, the IBA works to create a positive business climate to benefit the entire banking industry and the communities they serve.

“The services provided by the IBA allow INB to focus on serving the needs of customers with the confidence that the IBA is looking after the welfare of our industry and the people who are a part of it,” Brett says.

Because of this, Brett decided to get more involved, joining the IBA’s Board of Directors and serving as a member of the audit committee.

With a mission of connecting bankers and advancing banking, the IBA brings together state and national banks and savings banks of all sizes in Illinois. Collectively, the IBA represents nearly 90 percent of the assets of the Illinois banking industry, which employs more than 100,000 men and women in nearly 5,000 offices across the state.

Why is the IBA so valuable to banks?

Brett lists several key reasons:

  • They are the voice of Illinois bankers and work with lawmakers to propose legislation that allows banks to serve and meet the needs of communities in this rapidly evolving industry and seek to stop legislation that is detrimental to banks and their customers.
  • They provide ongoing education to bankers to help them better serve customers and develop employees.
  • They promote the positive role of the financial services industry to the general public.
  • They foster growth and success of the Illinois financial services industry.

“Serving on the board has connected me with a diverse group of leaders throughout Illinois who are passionate about the communities they serve and the positive impact they work diligently to achieve for both consumers and businesses, which goes right along with the values of INB,” Brett notes.

Josh Ishmael Serves Future Leaders

And Brett is not the only one from INB who’s currently involved with the IBA. Senior Vice President and General Counsel Josh Ishmael has been reappointed for another term on the IBA’s Future Leaders Alliance Board, helping to develop and oversee the foundation of the Future Leaders Alliance (FLA) program.

During the 13-month FLA program, members attend educational sessions, complete an in-bank project and perform local community service teaching financial literacy. The education sessions cover topics like leadership and influence, team building, coaching, legislative process, presentation skills, cyber security and much more.

Six INB employees have completed the FLA program, with one currently participating.

“The FLA is dedicated to leadership development within the Illinois banking industry through highly engaging educational events, increasing awareness and involvement in the legislative process, community service and building relationships,” Josh says. “INB is thrilled to be involved with such a fantastic program that helps to foster future bank leaders.”

Brett and Josh are both looking forward to contributing to the thriving organization thanks to the knowledge they’ve gained in their careers, as well as learning from a diverse group of bankers.

“No two banks are exactly the same, and I hope my 22 years of being INB’s CFO and a member of its executive leadership team brings meaningful value to the IBA from the perspective of a bank that started in 1999 with $8 million in assets and grew its assets to $1.7 billion by focusing on the needs of customers and communities,” Brett shares.