Miranda Kelly was a successful commercial lender while working at a bank that has only two branches in Tampa. She now joins a bank that has none. But Miranda doesn’t see that as an obstacle.

Miranda Kelly

“Covid has really changed business owners’ minds of what they need in a bank. They realized that they went years without stepping into a physical location. What they now want to know is, ‘Is there someone to answer my call when I need help, that knows me and my business?’” Miranda doesn’t see zero branches as an obstacle because she has experienced the care and concern that every INB employee shows clients no matter where they live and work.

Miranda, one of INB’s new lenders in the Florida market, says her clients trust her and will listen to her.  “When I match that to the level of service and caring that INB offers, there is nothing in my way.” Miranda recently joined INB as Vice President, Commercial Banker.

In Miranda’s eyes, “bank size” is an abstract phrase and is confident her clients will soon see the same.  “I have seen with my own eyes that INB has approved loans that other banks wouldn’t approve and offers more commonsense terms with less restrictive covenants.  This will allow me to help more clients,” she adds. 

While her clients trust her, Miranda puts much into her relationship with Senior Vice President, Florida Market President Allen Brinkman. “I trust him and the vision he has for helping businesses.”

Florida Becomes Home to Banking Career

Miranda, got her first banking job in 1997 after seeing a classified ad in the local paper for income at 100 percent commission. “I had never seen that before, and I have always been good at sales.” She eventually crossed paths with Allen, a leader she has come to greatly respect. 

“I grew up in New England, and when you grow up in a place like that you recognize the additional level of caring when you experience it again. From my first interaction with all the (INB) employees that I have had the pleasure of working with, I could feel that additional level of caring, that each person wants to truly help me succeed and, therefore, my clients succeed.” Miranda continues: “My clients are my number one concern, as is helping them grow faster than they would on their own.”

While INB may be new to Miranda, her sales approach will remain unchanged. “I connect with businesses, the same way I always have: through word of mouth from other trusted advisors, past clients, and through my networking in the Tampa Bay area.”

Miranda has called Florida home since earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of South Florida.  She’s been part of many Tampa organizations including the Brandon and Ruskin Chambers of Commerce, the YMCA Camp Cristina, and currently with the Tampa Chapter of 1 Million Cups.

Giving Leads to Receiving When it Comes to Civic Groups

One Million Cups is part of a nationwide organization which helps new businesses get the word out about their products/services.  Miranda explains: “Each Wednesday from 9-10 a.m., we invite two presenters to tell us about their business in six minutes, followed by 24 minutes of question and answers. Our first question is always, ‘What can the community do for you’”

“In my career, I have come to see that many business owners got into business because they are good at what they do, not because they received a lot of education on management, or leadership, or know how to run a business. This time that I spend listening to the business owners, provides me a direct link to give back and give them some of the commonsense solutions that they may not think of on their own. I am hoping that I can help them jumpstart their success, by pointing out some of the fiery hoops in their way and ways through or around them.”

Miranda started working with community organizations early in her career as a way of networking. “Then,” she says, “I realized the joy it brought to me, to lift others up and help them improve their lives. I then started to get involved in groups that I felt I could add value to the organization in addition to the people it was helping. By providing structure, organization, and continuity, I was able to ‘teach them to fish’ instead of ‘feeding them.’ The real joy came when I was able to include my daughter in giving back and knew that I was showing her how rewarding it was.”

When she has time, travel is high on Miranda’s to do list, and calls herself a “dork” when it comes to planning.  “I research the area we are traveling to and get insight from public boards of other travelers and plan everything myself. My daughter and I most recently just got back from our second trip to Ireland, where we … stayed in a castle that was just perfect in its beauty, history, and the care of the staff. My most memorable trip was when I was in Berlin, Germany for New Year’s Eve, the year The Wall came down. To know that I was there in person for such a momentous occasion for the world, is powerful.”

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