When you’re buying socks, you do your homework. You talk to friends, check out online reviews, touch, feel and look. You weigh price versus comfort and value. Ultimately, you drop a pair in your shopping cart.Woman shopping for socks

You might want to do the same comparison when it comes to your checking account.

INB recently upgraded most checking accounts to give our customers products that do more than just serve as the place for money to flow in and out of. INB checking does that and does it well, but some of our accounts can save you money if you need to replace your cell phone, provide an extended warranty on new purchases, and give you identity and credit monitoring.

What are the New Features?

INB Power and Power Plus Checking accounts were recently upgraded to include even more protection and savings opportunities than in the past. These benefits could equate to hundreds of dollars of savings.  The new benefits include:

  • Cell phone protection1,2 increased to $600 per claim ($1,200 per year).
  • Buyer’s protection and extended warranty 1,2 protects newly purchased items up to $2,500 if theft or accidental breakage occurs within 180 days of purchase, when purchased using your Power or Power Plus checking account.
  • Identity Monitoring3, helps secure your personal and financial information.
  • Credit Monitoring3, provides daily monitoring for new credit inquiries, plus updated quarterly report and score.

These new benefits are in addition to roadside assistance, travel accidental death coverage, a health savings, and access to local discounts and national retailer deals to save you money on shopping, dining, and travel.

How Does it Work?

These benefits are thanks to BaZing, a service powering INB checking. When you open your INB account, we’ll send you a link to activate your account. You can immediately start using the services.

But What About the Checking Accounts?

INB offers several checking accounts, each serving different needs. But all of them come with digital banking, a Visa debit card, and the free use of ATMs throughout the nationwide, MoneyPass network. You’ll find the details on our website

What About Those Socks?

Finding the right socks means doing a little homework.  When you’re looking for something as important as a checking account, you need to dig in a little harder.  While your account may now be showing signs of wear and tear like an old pair of socks, it may not offer the comfort and support that you can get with a new pair.  Stop by one of our branches for a cup of coffee and a talk about INB checking. 

1Cell phone protection and buyer’s protection and extended warranty is subject to additional terms and conditions.



3Identity monitoring and credit monitoring require activation to begin.