For the last 20 years, Katie Hahn has created and fostered business relationships in the Springfield area. She is now continuing her successful run of helping Central Illinois businesses by serving as part of INB’s Treasury Services team.Katie Hahn

Katie says she was drawn to treasury sales because INB offers products that can help both small and large organizations.  “We can literally cut out many manual steps that a customer may make on a daily basis by automating the process for them. Each business customer’s needs are different, so I am excited to listen and learn about the ins and outs of each one individually to determine the products best suited for them.”

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Sales Career Begins

While Katie studied graphic design in school, she immediately began a career in sales after graduation.  She says, “My first position out of college was in sales as a kitchen/bath designer. . . I quickly learned that sales were my thing.

“From kitchen and bath sales, to pharmaceutical sales, then to custom website design sales and now business banking.  All of my positions in these industries go back to my desire to help people by listening and getting to know them and what their needs actually are.”

For the last nine years, Katie used her skills at LRS, a global technology solutions company based in Springfield. “I anticipate continuing many of those established relationships while at INB to help provide banking solutions for those businesses--you could think of me as truly helping out their businesses long term.  First was with their website to help grow and market their business, and now helping with their banking needs to help them become more efficient while running their business.”

Katie’s optimism and outgoing personality make it easy for her to create these relationships. Once she has, the rest comes naturally thanks to knowing she has the products and support team behind her.  With these things in place, Katie earns the trust of her customers, resulting in repeat customers and referrals.  Katie considers that repeat and referral business is her greatest career accomplishment.

The Fun Stuff

  • While Katie says patience is not one of her strong suits, she’s working on it.
  • Her favorite time of day is morning. “I like to get up, drink coffee and work out before the rest of the house opens an eye!” She calls this her “me time.”
  • When she’s feeling down, she listens to upbeat music . . . “typically country or the best 80s of all time.”
  • The movie that makes her laugh hardest? “Wedding Crashers.”
  • Her favorite fast food order? Chick-fil-A nuggets with Polynesian sauce.

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