20 Years

Donna Smith

VP, Customer Relationship Officer

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB would be working with people (customers and coworkers alike) to help resolve questions, concerns, problems or issues that occur. When working in retail, you have the opportunity to work with all departments. INB has many team players that assist with resolving any given situation - a great company to work for.

Favorite vacation destination: Orange Beach, AL. Awesome place to vacation!!

12 people celebrating service anniversaries

Norma Conrady

Wire Desk Administrator/Deposit Operations Specialist

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part is that it’s a team. Everyone pitches in, helps, figures things out.

Favorite book: I do love to read and have lots of “favorite” books. SciFi/Fantasy and Mysteries are my favorite genres. Love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and any Agatha Christie and am waiting for the next George RR Martin Ice and Fire should he ever get it done.

Phil Ratliff

VP, Loan Operations

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is helping people. I enjoy meeting people and talking to people. I get enjoyment from helping others whether it be helping one of our loan customers, helping an employee from another department or one of our talented loan operations staff members. Twenty years went by in a flash, and I suppose that is what happens when you do what you love.

Favorite movie: My favorite movie is probably obscure to most people. It is called Vanishing Point and came out in 1971 so the storyline is not what one would expect…Vietnam War hero Kowalski (Barry Newman) has become a pill-addicted driver for hire. Transporting a car from Colorado to California, he enlivens the journey by making a wager with his drug dealer: If the trip takes under 15 hours, Kowalski's latest amphetamine purchase is free. But Kowalski's recklessness on the road results in a much-publicized police chase. Radio jock Super Soul (Cleavon Little) covers the pursuit and turns Kowalski, who refuses to pull over, into a martyr for freedom. Anyone who knows me knows that I love muscle cars from this era and the 1970 Dodge Challenger that is featured throughout the movie reinforced that love for classic cars.

Mike Jones

ATM Analyst

Favorite part about working at INB: I think my favorite part about working at INB is the family feeling we all share for one another. We spend more time at work than we do at our own homes with our own family so having people who share your outlook and views are so important. Everyone seems to enjoy a laugh with each other and an upbeat mood makes the job all the easier.

Favorite book: The Springfield History Series and books about Springfield, Ill. So many people who live here know so little about this town and how historic is really is. I read all I can on not only the Lincoln connection but the town that existed before he arrived.

Kenny Taylor


Favorite part about working at INB: I like working here because everyone is nice and friendly to work with. I have never had a job that I liked as much as this one.

Favorite vacation destination: I like to go to St. James, MO to visit my daughter.

15 Years

Hope McKenzie

Loan Servicing Specialist

Favorite part about working at INB: I love working for INB because the people I work with have become a family. We spend more time with our coworkers than we do our friends and family, so teamwork is essential. During my 15 years with INB, I have been blessed to work with my teams. Sometimes life takes a village, and I am thankful to have a team I can rely one.

First app you open in the morning: The first app I check on my phone or my Apple Watch is always the weather. It helps me prepare for the day. I even get a text message from my favorite radio station, WFMB, with the weather. I just feel ready to face the day no matter what Mother Nature throws at me.

Tony Gavin

AVP, Commercial Lending

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part of working here is the people I work with. It’s a great environment. 

Favorite restaurant: Pub 29 and the St. Louis Pizza.

Sheila Meyer

Senior Teller at Wabash Branch

Favorite part about working at INB: It’s what I do! Also, I really enjoy my customers, coworkers, and I just enjoy the job and where I work.

Favorite vacation destination: Colorado & Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

10 Years

Nadine Mackenzie

Trainer and Job Coach

Favorite part about working at INB: The family atmosphere and sense of community. From Day 1, INB has always felt like a family. I have seen INB be there for employees whether it was a death in the family, a sick child, or in the hospital with COVID. When times get tough, INB employees band together. I love working for a company that believes in giving back to the community and allows employees to give their time and talent to organizations that they are passionate about.

Favorite vacation destination: I know this probably sounds bizarre because it isn’t a tropical location, but my favorite spot is New Jersey. This is the place I grew up and where my family is from. I left NJ before I entered high school, so I think it is important to stay rooted in family. I lost my grandpa in 2019 when I was visiting there and my grandma during the pandemic. Family is everything. Plus, NJ has the best bagels, and it is important to get my yearly fix!

Melissa Elam

AVP, Loan Administration

Favorite part about working at INB: My favorite part about working at INB is working with all my coworkers in the Commercial Lending department. We have a great bunch of employees that all work together to get the job done!!  I also love to help my employees learn new duties that help further their careers.

Favorite book: I love to read, and I just finished reading Firefly Lane. I highly recommend it.

Dave Kienzler

Credit Analyst

Favorite part about working at INB: I’d consider several of my coworkers to be good friends, which makes it easy to show up on a Monday ready to answer to another week. Everyone works hard and knows their role, which has made this bank thrive over the last two decades. 

Favorite vacation destination: Maine (and New England in general) in the fall a few years back was a great trip. My wife and I hope to get back there sometime soon.

5 Years

Jordyn Holladay

Relationship Banker at Riverton Branch

Favorite part about working at INB: The people. I love the relationships and bonds I have created not only with the customers but also with my co-workers in the past five years. It is truly like working with family here.

3 things you could not live without: I definitely could not live without my husband and daughter, my family, and friends. They are my biggest supporters in life.