When Chris Parks experienced the passing of a friend in 2020, one of the things that gave him comfort was knowing his friend’s family didn’t have to worry about their financial situation.Chris Parks

“Now that he’s gone, his wife doesn’t have to worry about money because of the strategies we set in place a long time ago. That’s the ultimate pinnacle of my success: to know that I helped give someone peace of mind financially,” Chris says.

Chris has been working with individuals and families for several decades as a CPA and financial advisor. Today, he leads the Wealth division at INB, providing an integrated solution for both taxes and investments. 

Part of what makes Chris different from other tax providers is his approach: he’s a local Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for taxes.

Becoming a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

So what does it mean to be endorsed by Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a financial expert and talk show host who provides a “proven plan for financial success.” His aim is to help others get out of debt, build their savings and wealth, and give generously. Ramsey has become known for his 7 Baby Steps to pay off debt and grow wealth, which is part of his overall Financial Peace University program.

Chris Parks and his team can help with your taxes.

Connect with Chris.

Chris has been a CPA since 1989 and got involved with Dave Ramsey’s program in 2007. 

“Dave brings common sense to tax prep, investments and money management,” Chris says. “If you manage your money instead of it managing you, you’ll have financial peace.”

As a Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP), Chris has been vetted by Ramsey Solutions. ELPs are certified professionals recommended by Ramsey, who are “in excellent standing in their industry and provide top-notch customer service.” 

“Dave’s team recommends a tax provider who is available year-round, will respond to referrals quickly and remains compliant via continuing education. Ramsey ELPs get to know your situation and fully understand the current U.S. tax system,” Chris shares.

“Dave’s team wants someone who will truly help, not just charge for service. My clients have peace of mind that their taxes are done correctly; I’ve found everything from $300 to $30,000 in errors on returns.”

Wealth-building approach with INB Tax Services

Chris isn’t the only one at INB following Dave Ramsey’s strategies. Amy Barnes, AVP of INB Wealth, is also a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach.

Together, and supported by the whole department, they sit down with clients and take an in-depth look at the client’s entire financial picture: particularly current savings and retirement goals.

“We look at their investment portfolio and financial plan, and we use Money Guide Pro to forecast whether they’ll likely have enough based upon the path they’re on,” Chris shares.

And it doesn’t stop with a single meeting. INB Wealth is invested in your financial success over the long term, advising and guiding through each new milestone in life.

“We offer follow up and follow through,” Chris says. “Knowledge helps your behavior change. The math is straight forward, but behavior is much more complicated.”  It comes full circle for Chris when his clients reach their financial goals. He not only helps people implement advantageous tax strategies, but also gives them vision to get out of debt, build savings and retire when they planned.

“I started working with a couple 16 years ago who are now retiring. That’s the greatest help I can offer: to help them retire with the funds they need in order to maintain the lifestyle they want,” he says.