When INB moved into its headquarters at 322 E. Capitol in Springfield, we couldn’t image outgrowing aMontvale storefront INB Wealth and INB structure with three floors and a full basement. But when we bought a remittance operation, we also bought and renovated the old Jennings Ford building at 4th and Jackson streets to house that team and other back office staff. In 2019, we renovated yet another historic building in our block which is now home to both offices and training space.

Even through the most recent update, we had to get creative when trying to find the right places for our staff members who work directly with customers. So as we finished our 425 S. 4th St. renovation, we began considering space beyond our downtown headquarters’ footprint. One opportunity open to us was space in the Montvale complex on Chatham Road in Springfield.

INB’s first branch location in Springfield was at Montvale, and we’ve always had good traffic in and out of the branch even as people have moved to using our digital banking tools. The space has served as a convenient place for everything from mortgage loan closings to safe deposit box visits. The plaza offers easy-to-access parking and high visibility. With these plusses in mind, we began working with the landlord to secure more space in the strip mall. With some recent vacancies, our landlord was able to accommodate us. Along with our update, our Montvale neighbor, The Corkscrew, got an updated space.

INB’s Wealth staff has begun moving from downtown Springfield to 2601 Chatham Road.  O’Shea Builders has completely renovated the old Corkscrew space and connected it to our branch operations. When you walk in, you’ll step into a lobby area that gives you the same access to our retail service desk as you’ve always had. But, now, you’ll also be able to take a left turn when you enter the building and head into our Wealth department.

Working Through Remodeling

Because many customers use our Montvale space as their banking home, we have tried to keep our facility up and running throughout the remodel. We closed completely for about a month in January so our landlord could make some exterior improvements near our drives, but we reopened the drives by early February. This meant having a few employees working in a construction zone.

Teller Becky Steil and Teller Caty Pickrel have been the backbone of our “drive” team. They both can laugh about the noise and dust, but admit it can sometimes make it difficult to serve customers.  Becky says, “Early on, it was really loud. Now that the construction team isn’t grinding metal anymore, it’s not been as bad.” She adds the construction crew has been extremely thoughtful, always trying to give them a heads up about what to expect.

Becky notes that one day she was sitting at her makeshift counter near the vault when Float Teller Logan Evans said, “Watch out!  I tried to move quickly once I realized I was about to get wet, but I didn’t move fast enough.” Apparently, the “pitter, patter” that she heard before Logan’s warning was a result of construction on the roof of the building.  Apparently there had been a small leak and water had accumulated over time. When the crew got on the roof, they dislodged the water and it made its way down. “I got two showers that day,” said Becky with a smile.

Debbie Shelton, Montvale branch manager, says Caty and Becky have held up very well even with all the inconvenience. She points out that because they are working in a construction zone, they’re wearing jeans and tennis shoes, something they both appreciate.  Becky adds, “One day Debbie was helping out at the teller line, and she lost a shoe to the sticky floor.” So, yes, tennis shoes are a good thing.

Much to Look Forward to

Debbie, Caty and Becky all say they know customers are looking forward to getting a peek at what’s behind the doors of all the construction, but most people just want to work face-to-face with the staff again. “We’ve always had good traffic in and out of the branch,” Debbie says. “What we’ve learned from Covid is that nothing beats face-to-face.”

Debbie was with INB when the Montvale location opened in 1999. “At the time, we were all working out of 322 E. Capitol just using what CILCO had left behind. So it was exciting to watch a brand-new office space being constructed just for us. Now that’s happening again.”

Debbie remembers back then thinking she was part of something big and that she had so much to look forward to.  “I feel the same way about this move,” she says.  “Now we’ll be there to not only witness what happens with our retail operations, but also to see our Wealth team do great things for our customers.”

Wealth Ready, Set…

In all, about a dozen employees from our downtown location will move their offices to Chatham Road. The space includes offices and some shared work space, as well as two conference areas. We are also able to provide our staff with an updated breakroom.

Our Wealth team is made up of experts in:

  • Business Consulting
  • Estate Planning
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Insurance
  • Non-Banking Investments*
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Trust

We anticipate opening the renovated space later this month

*Offering general securities through INFINEX INVESTMENTS, INC. Member: FINRA/SIPC Investment and insurance products and services are offered through INFINEX INVESTMENTS, INC.