With technology playing a role in almost every interaction a customer has with INB, we want to assure the technology behind those interactions is the best it can be. To put special emphasis on that goal, we recently hired Jeremy Frieburg as our Chief Information Officer.

While Jeremy handles the bank’s ongoing digital transformation, he is working closely with Information Security Officer Charlie Kerwin who is now focusing on protecting our digital assets and customer information.  Jeremy says, “We’re working together to find the right balance of continuously innovating our technology footprint with appropriate risk mitigation and security controls.”Photo of Jeremy Frieburg

To do that, Jeremy says our technology team will assure each technology initiative is, “surgically crafted to improve everyone’s experiences.”  He adds, “If it doesn’t do that, then we probably shouldn’t do it.”

Jeremy has this insight due in part to 20 years of experience in banking technology. He’s done everything from setting up an IT help desk for internal staff to serving on senior leadership teams. He’s set up an enterprise-wide data warehouse, helped merge data from acquired banks, and launched new software programs. One of his first projects for INB is to align our corporate strategic goals to technology goals.  More specifically, he says, “My first technology project, which has kicked off and will be rolling out in the coming months, is transitioning the company to the Microsoft 365 platform which will enhance our collaboration capabilities on a number of fronts.”

Team Work Makes the Team Work

As INB grows, Jeremy realizes the importance of his team’s work.  “My goal will be to partner with our business units to proactively bring technology solutions that will help them service their customers better and improve the customer experience.” He emphasizes that since our front-line employees have the direct relationships with our customers, he’ll be asking them for input as he finds technology solutions that seem like the right fit.

And such a game plan fits right in with Jeremy’s personal goal to make a positive impact on people he works with.  “I have been fortunate to have lead many different teams, and I’m most proud of the instances where my team members are presented with larger opportunities for professional growth within the organization.  I had a team member pull me aside one day, 18 months or so into his new leadership role, to thank me for putting trust in him and guiding him along the way.  It moved me to tears; and I knew at that moment, I was doing the work that I wanted to do!”

And with colleagues being critical as he makes business decisions, it’s no surprise that Jeremy says the key differentiator between INB and other employers is the people and culture of INB. “I’m a firm believer that culture is everything.” He says that when he was interviewed, he even targeted questions to the management team around the topic. With the answers, he decided INB would be a great fit.

Teamwork, Adaptability Stand Out

“However,” he says, “after I started and got to know many of the folks, I found that the level of teamwork and adaptability amongst both the IT team and the broader company as a whole, are unparalleled.  I’m privileged to be a part of such a strong group that supports each other both personally and professionally.  This is what will lead to the future success.”

Before coming to INB, he knew some of the staff through professional affiliations and says he always admired the “progressive, forward-thinking approach to technology and customer service” that INB brought to the table. And, now, he gets to work with these INB staff members as they continue to build for INB’s future.

Jeremy has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.