My son was up in the mountains near Breckenridge, Co. a number of weekends ago. As he was driving, the car hit a patch of black ice and went down a ravine. The good news, all were safe, but his car had to be towed out. He called the BaZing number, and unfortunately, had an issue with connecting. He ultimately called a tow company and had to pay out of pocket.a car being loaded onto a tow truck

In discussing this with him the following day, I urged him to contact BaZing, and explain the situation. He emailed them, gave them his number, and they looked into it. What BaZing found was on that particular night they were experiencing high call volumes. They found his number in their phone bank, and that he was on hold for about two minutes. (In the moment, he thought it was eight to 10 minutes, and hung up.)

BaZing apologized for the delay, said they understood why he hung up, and said they are sending him a check for the amount he had to pay. He did not expect a resolution to be in his favor, so to say he was shocked by the service is an understatement.

StrategyCorps, the company behind BaZing, always emphasizes that stories can show customers the benefits of the product.  This is just one of my stories. I’ve had great experiences using BaZing’s other benefits including the cell phone coverage for broken or stolen phones. That’s why I urged my son to follow up.

Are you an INB checking account customer? If you have a Power or Power Plus account, roadside assistance and a cell phone benefit are just two of the BaZing features you can take advantage of. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on our team if you need more details.