Corey Kates is a significant part of one of the biggest milestones in his clients’ lives: purchasing a home. Photo of Corey Kates

It’s not a role he takes lightly. His clients are often in need of guidance and financial advice, and Corey comes alongside them during this major process, spending many hours with each.

“I truly care about my clients. From the time we first talk until closing time on a purchase or refinance, I feel like I have connected with them on a much deeper level than just as another person closing on a loan,” he shares.

Thanks to his service and dedication within INB Mortgage, Corey, NMLS #1652367, was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer.

Learning from Behind the Scene

Corey’s career in mortgage first started behind the scenes in July 2017, as a mortgage processor.

“I took my knowledge and experience from what I had learned from the incredible team on the operations side with Gregg Formigoni and Sam Patrick and transitioned to the origination side in April of 2019,” he says.

INB has been an ideal fit for Corey’s career because the bank’s culture encourages personal and professional growth.

“I’m incredibly proud of the passion and commitment I see in every department at INB. Everyone works to ensure that our clients’ needs are met, and they know we are here for them throughout every milestone in their life,” Corey says.

Giving Spirit in Sync with INB Culture

Community involvement is also a pillar of INB, and Corey has been passionate about giving back. He points to INB’s participation in United Way Days of Action, charity runs, sponsorships, and other random acts of kindness throughout the year.Corey Kates and his family

INB even supported him personally by matching his donation to local restaurants giving away meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These are local businesses that put the community first, and I was honored to be part of the movement. INB didn’t hesitate to partner with me in this effort to support thousands of meals that were handed out each week and on Easter morning,” Corey shares. “This is just a small fraction of what INB puts forth in the surrounding area to help grow Springfield, and I genuinely couldn’t be happier than I am to call INB home.”

As Corey has dived into his career and community, he now calls many of his clients friends. His favorite part of his job is meeting people and getting to know their backgrounds, stories and hopes for the future.

As for Corey’s own future, he’s “extremely excited and humbled” by his promotion and can’t wait to help more people and families get the keys to their new homes. 

“I look forward to being a part of INB for many years to come, and just want to help make dreams a reality for as many families in this community as I can,” he says.