When Nathan Van Zele joined INB to work in Internet banking, smartphones weren’t even in existence yet.

Since that time, Nathan has seen exponential growth and change, helping to implement new products and enhancements within online banking, debit cards and commercial credit cards.

Thanks to his hard work and diligence over the years, Nathan was recently promoted to AVP, Deposit Photo of Nathan Van ZeleOperations for INB.

“INB has been such a good fit for me because everyone works well together,” he says. “Different departments pitch in to help when needed and work on projects together. I think it’s pretty telling when employees leave to pursue other options and then come back to us. To me, that is a good sign we are doing something right.”

Better Banking Thanks to Technology

Nathan’s favorite part of his work is enhancing INB technology solutions and launching them to INB customers. This year, he says, the bank released quite a few debit card enhancements in online banking.

“Customers can now open and close their cards, activate their card, change their PIN, report travel notes, setup transaction alerts, report it lost and temporarily increase their limits for large purchases — all through their online banking,” he says.  

INB Adapts to 2020 Workforce Needs

Though 2020 has brought many changes to the banking world, Nathan was impressed with how INB responded to the COVID crisis. In particular, the bank demonstrated its priority for work-life balance with significant support for employees.

“I’ve heard other companies say ‘There is nothing more important that family,’ but INB has shown it,” he shares. “From senior management down, everyone has pulled together. Many processes have been reviewed and improved since March when so many of our staff needed to work remotely.

“With everything that’s happened, I believe the customer is still being taken care of as well as before 2020. I think that’s a great testament to INB’s culture and management.”

Looking ahead, Nathan is excited about future advancements in banking technology and products. Nate says INB always tries to be one step ahead when it comes to figuring out tech solutions that will help customers. “That’s one of the many ways we make banking easier.

“2020 has dramatically changed how everyone looks at the world, and banking online will only grow and improve,” Nathan says.