A couple of year ago, Diana Nielsen’s mother became extremely ill and was admitted to the hospital’s ICU.

“The North Branch manager and all the other employees gather up around me and made it possible for me to be there for her and attend to her care,” Diana recalls. “The flexibility and support I received was a testimony of the great culture of INB.”

Diana, now Assistant Branch Manager at INB Montvale, is celebrating five years of service at INB during the 4th quarter of 2020, along with Austin Graham, Business Solutions Sales Representative. Jenni Snow, Human Resources Officer, celebrates 10 years with INB; Scott Pearson, Network Administrator, and Kari Saling, Commercial Loan Documentation, each have 15 years; and Becky Luzinski, VP, Commercial Lending commemorates 20 years.4th q service anniversaries

Austin echoed Diana’s sentiments about INB’s positive culture.

“Everything from our involvement in the community to the environment created within the workplace, INB is a company that aspires to create a culture of constant advancement and forward thinking, which inspires its employees to do the same in their own lives,” he shares. “The overarching culture of this company has made an impact in my life and is continually creating a desire to improve and grow beyond what I ever envisioned myself achieving with INB.”

Relationships Built on Trust

For Kari, the relationships she’s cultivated throughout her career stand out.

“I would describe my coworkers as family! We all work well together and are always willing to lend a hand to each other,” she says. “We recognize the talents and contributions that each of us brings to our work environment. There’s also always a lot of laughs and great conversations.”

Jenni recalls that when she first started at INB in 2010, she would “float” to roles at various branch locations, which helped her get to know her coworkers and INB’s culture.

“Not being designated to one location helped me build relationships and earn respect from others. Once I moved to Human Resources, I knew I would need to work hard to get to know my coworkers in departments outside of retail. Looking back, I’m happy with the relationships and trust I’ve built and being a resource to everyone at INB,” she says.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Becky finds that the most fulfilling part of her career is being able to help her clients with their finances.

“Whether it’s building a new home, remodeling, buying an investment property or managing their deposit accounts, INB provides top-notch customer service all around,” she says. “We all work as a team and help each other. Our senior management team listens to our thoughts in our roles, and they are available at any time. INB is one big family, and I like that!”

Growth = More Impact

Not only is INB community and family-oriented, but the bank is also growing, which offers new job opportunities and continuing education opportunities to our employees.

“The bank is venturing in new markets, which is exciting for any professional looking to grow their careers. There is also enough flexibility to move from one department to another until you find the right fit,” Diana says.

“Personally, I switched from an accounting role back to retail. The joy of my position is due to the fact that I can help customers in a more direct way. And being a manager, I was given an opportunity to coach and help other employees into their own path of growth. Early in my career, a manager impacted my life in a positive way, and I want to be able to do the same for someone else at INB.”