“It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.” ― W.C. Fields

new LinkedIn account for INBIllinois National Bank had long answered to “INB.” But it wasn’t until last year that we made the name official. And while we’ve changed the name, “Illinois National Bank” will always be an integral part of our history . . . so you’ll continue to hear us use it from time to time.

It’s been relatively easy to change the name.  Delete an “Illinois National Bank” here.  Put an “INB” (and maybe a “National Association") there. In a nutshell, we are legally INB, National Association. Outside of legal or regulatory documents, it’s simply “INB.”

Along the way of changing our name on our social media sites, we got to LinkedIn.  Hard as we tried, LinkedIn wouldn’t allow us to change the name. Instead, we had to create a new account using the new name. That meant asking all of our employees to change their affiliation from “Illinois National Bank” to “INB, National Association” and cutting off everyone in our LinkedIn network.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve asked our employees to make the change while we’ve continued to keep both accounts up and running.  But now we’re getting ready to delete our “Illinois National Bank” LinkedIn account and only use “INB, National Association.” We hope you’ll join us join us at our new address:  linkedin.com/company/inb-national-association.

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