customer care center staffLike many businesses, INB likes to have other organizations do things that we’re not experts at. For example, we hire companies to maintain our web infrastructure, build and install our signage, and provide behind-the-scenes banking services.

But there’s one service we’ll never turn over to someone else: customer service.

We provide most of our customer service at our branches. Our doors are open for anyone to walk in and do the simplest transaction to spending time with a loan officer or our tax specialists.

But the truth is, more and more people do their banking online. Deposits, payments, balance inquiries . . . most of our customers handle these things on their own from their computers or phones. And when these customers need help, they often turn to their computers and phones for answers. And sometimes they use their phones the old-fashioned way and make a call to the bank.

To make sure we have staff ready to provide customer service to the people who call, we established a centralized Customer Care Center. Incoming calls to INB are queued into the Center, which allows us to identify an issue and handle those consistently and efficiently. 

As in Our Branches, Key to Providing Service Is Staff

The four employees in our Customer Care Center are an extension of our branch staff. I’m charged with assuring this group supports an INB goal of providing all customers with the best experience possible. We want customers to know and trust them just like they know and trust our branch employees.

The Care Center staff includes:

  • Chris Russell is a self-described “people person.” She has been with INB for 13 years, and she love's talking to INB’s regular clients, as well as sharing her years of knowledge and banking with her coworkers.
  • Lindsay Last enjoys fixing things around the house, which naturally translates to her role at INB as she seeks to provide simple solutions for our clients. She was drawn to the bank because of opportunities for growth.
  • Taylor Smith loves being part of a small department where distinct talents and personalities are appreciated and staff is encouraged to give their personal input.
  • Becky Waddell is multi-passionate. She not only enjoys the banking industry and customer service, but also loves playing a variety of instruments and singing (she has several degrees in music!) Additionally, she is an advocate for the special needs community.

Chris, Lindsay, Taylor and Becky make it a goal of always seeing each customer for their uniqueness. They adapt to our customers rather than asking them to adapt to us, and, in most instances, they can immediately provide a customer with the information they need.

Our Care Center staff is able to help with everything from account balances, digital banking assistance, answering loan questions, assisting with wire transfers and more. They also help customers set up an online banking account to get this information on their own, any day, any time.

Only Goal: Excellent Experience

Our centralized Customer Care Center also handles the same or similar questions day after day. Our branch staff might get certain questions very infrequently, making it more difficult to provide you with a quick answer. Yet by consistently getting a question or addressing a problem, the Care Center can quickly respond and get customers on their way.

We’re always looking for ways to serve customers better, and we believe our Care Center helps us maintain our high standards. If you have questions, I hope you’ll contact me.